Ask Adam Savage: When Good Lightsaber Battles Go Bad

Publisert 24. mai. 2021
"Can we see your Boba Fett costume?" "Have you ever got into a friendly light saber fight that got out of hand?" In this excerpt from our May the Fourth live stream, Adam answers these questions from Tested members Dave Yoder and TheVoidPt relating to Star Wars. Join this channel to support Tested and get access to perks, such as asking Adam a question:

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  • Join this channel to support Tested and get access to perks, such as asking Adam a question:

    • Hey Adam,if you need anything for your Boba Fett Costume hit me up😊


  • I love how you refer to your kids as Thing 1 and Thing 2, and the Thing voice, lol. Poor TV tho...

  • Wow. Got kinda upset hearing that Sony knew they were gonna damage private property and was just throwing money around to “fix” it. Makes me wonder where the line is? Would you have an actor beat up an unknowing citizen to get a real visceral reaction and think is is fine as long as you paid medical bills?

  • "And young Mr. Savage, what did you see in that black monolith on the wall?" "Something colorful!"

  • Loved that commercial with all the colorful bouncing balls in the San Fran street. I always assumed it was CG trickery, because Shirley they wouldn't seriously release so many balls in the middle of a street.... fun backstory, great ad.

  • Could you show off your Darth Vader Suit?

  • José González - heartbeats

  • Lol my favorite story is from back in like 2003 2004 when I was at best buy. Pioneer had just released the first flat screen plasma tv. We weren't even allowed to sell them without an install because it was a 13 grand tv. Guy swears up and down he can install it himself. So we get the manager and he approves the sale. 3 days later he brings the tv back saying it was broken out of the box. after slot of back and forth he finally admits that he broke it when his wall collapsed because of the weight.

  • So today I learned that Adam's about 5 years older than me, and that we both bought our first big flat screen TV's in 2007. That said, he spent not quite 3 times what I did, but since he was making probably 10 times what I was at the time it balances out.

  • I had that same Bravia TV! Yea, it was expensive!

    • Damn nice TV, Still works and is being used daily

  • these are the best stories. thank you for sharing

  • Dont americans have household ensurance???? If that happens here you claim it with your ensurance. Done

  • Love hearing stories like this. Never had to replace a tv due to a lightsaber, ceiling light and a new iphone were destroyed from my sons lightsaber play though. Have had to replace four tv's over the years though, the first was an unfortunate incident involving a very hot bowl of ramen noodles and the second Indy's whip. The other two tv's screens were destroyed by playstation controllers one by my son the other by one of his friends. I actually replaced the tv damaged by the ramen noodles with a Sony Bravia, while not the primary tv anymore, still works great to this day. I purchased mine in '08/'09 and the price had come down to two grand.

  • The parenting lesson about not letting your kids watch television in the morning is SO important! Thanks Adam.

  • $8000 dollars U.S. on a TV that doesn't even display 8K!

  • The video on this is so choppy. What's up with that?

  • Adam. Please get a decent mic. This one sounds awful.

  • I would've been "you little brat! You're NOT going to college"!!

  • I took a lightsaber to the eye once. Left a small cut and a bump.

  • This gentleman’s joy is so intoxicating, keep sharing your passion, we love it!

  • I see that ep 1 Obi-Wan lightsaber hilt in the corner, I wanna see the full thing.

  • Not only is the location, placement and the timing perfect but, the tone of the "You do know who I am, right?" that makes it perfect. Any other way just makes the speaker sound arrogant and entitled.

  • Even with a fake blaster Adam still practices trigger discipline. Bravo.

  • As a kid I used to wake up at around 4:30-5:00 AM on Saturdays to catch The Nature World of Captain Bob and draw along with what he was doing, then I would go back to sleep until breakfast. My parents never minded as long as I kept the volume low, and didn't wake up my brother (who was ADHD well before the diagnosis had evolved to what we know today).

  • Apparently the Sony commercial was Google'd a lot recently. It was the first recommendation when I typed bravia

  • I don't know how these questions get asked but I am wondering if Adam has any engineeie ways to store food

  • “As someone who had enjoyed a little bit of fame” - the world famous Adam Savage

  • Enjoy the mic elements, Adam! Looking forward to seeing them installed some day.

  • Punishment, eh? For being kids?

  • What a great story. Somehow I found it very relatable.

  • "Too Matt." lol just take it son its perfect.

  • so glad I don't have kids -

  • 6:26 I was hoping this was about to be some behind the scenes phantom menace gossip

  • The Farce Awoke was terrible…

  • My only 4k tv I've had so far got taken out by my boy and a giant crowbar. That was not a good day.

  • This is my 6th year waiting for Anovos to send me my first order armor... never going to buy from them again

  • Me if I were a parent: "Its ok kids, its my fault you like Star Wars. As long as you're OK." Goes into the closet. Takes deep breath.... "Fu$#@%!@%%%$$^%=!!!!"

  • Storytelling is a gift, and, Mr. Savage, you've got it.

  • Is that Bowcaster California compliant? I want to joke, but with the current Cali political climate...

  • I got kicked out of Best Buy, I worked for Apple as an independent contractor and was there helping customers with the new original iMac. Oddly a employee of Best Buy came over and asked me what the difference was between gold plated and non-gold plated cables for a computer. I said $29.99. Employee was confused and I explained if the end to end connection is not gold plated there is no benefit, you’re only paying more for the believe it helps. No more than 10 minutes later the manager is kicking me out of the store, mind you this was Thanksgiving weekend and I was selling iMacs like crazy, he said they needed the parking, I said I was dropped off, he got so frustrated he just said leave. So I did, reported to Apple and shortly after Apple pulled their products from Best Buy, not saying I was the reason, but Best Buy upswell is so ridiculously fraud and telling people lies. I don’t buy anything from Best Buy over that interaction.

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  • I brought my first lightsaber last year. When it arrived in the mail, I start trying it out, twirling it around, giggling at the light and sound effects. The blade was longer than I anticipated and I end up smacking the ceiling lamp in my room, shattering the glass cover.

  • Wouldn't Boba Fett have a MANDOlier . . ?

  • Disgusting person.

  • Are you watching the bad batch ...?

  • Hi Adam. I would so like to see you make the Battletank from the 1983 kids puppet program Terrahawks.

  • Now I know to be on the look out for a Chewbacca at Fan X ;)

  • I've learned that same lesson about kids watching TV in the mornings.

  • Ha! You Ron Swansoned that guy.

  • Been there. My at the time 2 year old smacked a plasma TV with a drumstick. Definitely not childproof. And ya, no matter how frustrating, completely useless useless to get upset at the 2 year old kid. Did invest in a plexiglass cover to avoid a repeat incident.

  • If you have spawn, make sure to buy a cheap albeit big tv for the living room. LG or even something that you know is gonna wrekt. Keep the bravia in your room....locked.

  • I would have saved the tv and given it to one of the them for a graduation present.

  • Last week I broke my ceiling light with one of my lightsabers. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who’s not quite yet savvy with the force

  • Oh man. That is the best "do you know who I am" story. I swear, only you could take that phrase and make a good story out of it.

  • I bought a BRAVIA CRT many, many years ago and an LCD years later, and both had a beautiful picture (the LCD, still to this day even in comparison with newer TVs I have).

  • I'm assuming this is the commercial you were talking about: I can see why the balls would still be everywhere after that. ;-)

  • should you really call your kids, thing 1 and 2?

  • Lightsabres: we used to roll up newspapers and whack the living sh** out of each other - cheaper, didn't matter if they broke and you could do all the moves. Mind you I never put one through the TV.

  • I would imagine on a cold day in San Francisco you could go out to get your coffee dressed as Chewie and no one would bat an eyelid?

  • So happy he answered my question! Thanks tested.

  • I can see wanting to do a good job on a certain costume, but to get caught up in "this isn't the correct diameter for this part, it's off by 2mm". These are things guys who've never been with a girl say. To not only know what the exact dimension is supposed to be, but to feel compelled to build your model/costume to that exact spec is really a waste of time. Go outside and exercise, get some fresh air, learn that there are far more important things than worthless move/comic book specifications.

  • Is this story the consequence for whoever broke the Samaritan?

  • Lol i thought the power scrubber thing was just a joke

  • I have that tv watched many episodes of mythbusters on it. Only this week upgraded to a 75".

  • Adam my nephew (15) has accidentally broken 5 TV's in the last 3 years. Can't trust teenagers around TV's.

  • 44 years ago today , Star Wars opened in only 32 theatres across the nation . Think about how crazy that is ! Almost everyday on tv or elsewhere you will hear a Star Wars reference ! Also Return of the Jedi turns 38 today ! Thanks for all of your awesome videos Adam !

  • 4000 dollars in television money = about a days wage.. not really that big a deal!

  • It annoys me that the enthusiasm of true fans has been hijacked by sequel trilogy garbage. Fuck you Kathleen Kennedy and JJ Abrams.

  • Anyone else want a video of Parenting Tips/Lessons? I can imagine it being a difficult subject, but if the issue is a perceived lack of interest- I would like to express my interest.

  • Hey Adam have an idea for a video you can do one of the things i like most about your channel is all building costumes and stuff like that and there is a tv show called the masked singer that the whole thing comes there are crazy costumes i think it would be really cool if you try to build one

  • I thought that the no television punishment was given after Adam found his kid hiding a second phone after bed time.


  • The strap on the bowcaster is a "sling," not a bandolier. Just sayin.

  • The summer the TV broke is the same summer I became a life-long lover of books! (I still love TV though)

    • You look like a man who writes more books than he reads, but hey I’m just guessing.

  • Adam Savage : "The Star Wars Universe is just a source of an endless amount of happiness and fun adventure for me." These words speak to my heart.

    • @vinmanr2d2 Wow, thanks for that information. So many of us must have rich memories of those times.

    • 44 years ago today Star Wars opened , & 38 years ago today for Return of the Jedi !

  • That is a really nice first Order helm!!

  • Don't make me go full force.

  • the add you refer to was published in 2005 ;)

  • Does adam know about warhammer ? Would be cool seeing power armor, couldnt be that far from the iron man suit :D

  • I wonder what the ratio of how many unfinished VS "finished" costumes Adam has :)

    • @Rob Adams well, walk about at a con "finished" then

    • I think his philosophy is that nothing is ever truly finished.

  • Adam, I love all the cool Star Wars items you have in your cave. I am a big fan of the ILM art for the original trilogy and wonder if you have any replica's of one of those paintings and if not what painting would you like to have?

  • Yet another reason for not having children. Ever.

  • When are you going to fix the audio Adam? It's very squeaky!

  • "Teenagers will sleep until like... the world has collapsed" This is the most accurate thing I've ever heard lo xD -dearly, someone the same age as your kid lol

  • imagine if whoever designed that volvo hated that dashboard... and then they look up and it's on han solo.

  • the commercial with the rubber balls

  • You told the lightsaber story a few videos back already.

  • Come on Adam, it's "Han," not "Han."

  • I've played enough Beat Saber to know that I should never put any sword like instrument in my hands ever again, lest I accidently lop them off (along with my legs and probably a good chunk of torso). Beat Saber's lack of physical blades has taught me some very unsafe sword handling moves, definitely not suitable for a Lightsaber battle ;)

  • "I'm the man who's gonna BURN YOUR HOUSE DOWN! - WITH THE LEMONS!"

  • Sith happens. 😉

  • Why do you buy them if you can make them? Costumes and stuff

  • "Something colourful" 😂😂😂

  • I still have my master replica's Anakin lightsaber, I've replaced the blade and still need to replace the speaker and it still gets used.

  • Where I grew up television didn't even start until midday and what was on after lunch was all for adults anyway; the TV for kids didn't begin until after school hours, 3pm to 5.30pm. We didn't even have Saturday morning TV until I was 10. I think I agree in that a lot of the stimulation kids have today that we didn't experience ourselves as kids is part of what makes their behaviour different and unpredictable to us. i.e. it's not just evolving pop culture, it's the increasing power of targeted entertainment.

  • I love the First Order stormtrooper armour despite my opinion on the sequels

  • Pardon my ignorance, but what is a power scrubber? I tried looking it up and all I found were electric brushes and vacuum cleaners.

    • Same problem here, I have no idea what it is and can't find anything but cleaning stuff when I search for it.

    • @branden marik perhaps

    • Maybe a surge protector?

    • I have the exact same problem, I tried variations and I got nothing that looks related.

  • I'm going to be sad when all these videos dry up.

  • How about being YOU instead of the character of Chewbacca?!