Ask Adam Savage: Thoughts About Galaxy's Edge

Publisert 27. mai. 2021
Did Adam's sons discover Star Wars on their own, or was it always a part of their lives? If Adam could build a Star Wars room, what would the theme be? What does Adam think of Galaxy's Edge? Would Adam have stayed at ILM if MythBusters hadn't come along? In this excerpt from our May the Fourth live stream, Adam answers these questions from Tested members Sean Vedell, Ian Kellogg, James May and David Marden relating to Star Wars. Join this channel to support Tested and get access to perks, such as asking Adam a question:

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  • My film class made a Millennium Falcon cockpit and made a short film! It was super fun!

  • Disney went all in with Galaxy's Edge not just with movie lore, but also their video game market. You can go to Galaxy's Edge and build an exact replica lightsaber that, if you're a gamer, built for your character in Jedi Fallen Order. No, not just a prebuilt retail item that looks the same, but about 99.9% of the same pieces and components you gather in game play through can be purchased and assembled at Galaxy's Edge. No, I'm not ready to drop minimum of $200.00 to get one yet. I might on a future visit to the World of the Mouse--I live an hour away--but not yet.

  • Disney World is building a fully interactive Star Wars hotel where you will have a weekend of non stop Star Wars.

  • When my wife and I walked into Galaxy’s Edge, I was so excited, I was tearing up. Then...we walked around.....and there it was, The Millenium Falcon....I had wanted to see it all my life. Top 20 moment all-time. Disney has a policy against cosplay, to some degree.

  • Patrons: Did you introduce your kids to Star Wars Adam: I built an R2D2 to hug them every day. I'll take that as a yes.

  • You're so inspiring!

  • There is a major difference between Galaxy's Edge and the Wizarding World at Universal. For me, Disney did something that seemed a bit out of touch with the Star Wars fan base. While I understand the logic behind 'creating a more unique experience' in terms of Bahtuu as an anonymous land, the Wizarding World got it right as they recreated the film experience for the fans. I would rather visit a themed Star Wars land that included exacting replication of the original Star Wars worlds - for instance, the cantina on Tatooine or Jabba's Palace. Who cares about characters we have never heard of such as Hondo Ohnaka? I think Disney had grand plans for a more immersive experience with Galaxy's Edge but bailed on many of those original concepts because of logistics.

    • @Todd Pederzani I see your point. I have never watched the animated series either, nor did I care much for the last three films. I guess I'm just getting older and out of touch with the fanbase, but man it would be cool to revisit the characters of my youth.

    • It would be nice to have something for the original fans, but having Hondo in Galaxy's edge (for instance) is all the hook they need for the next generation of fans. I didn't watch Clone Wars or Rebels, but all of my children did. Having my kindergartner get excited at Hondo explaining the premise before Smugglers Run was really invigorating to me as a fan and a parent.

  • I would build the Millennium Falcon chess room as a bar or as a guest room.

  • Love a Hunk o' Junk Cockpit! Here is mine.... 737-400F Freighter! She'll make it within .18 of Mach 1 kid![0]=AZUPjY5LDO6YnyG6at7FxahKAbKYrXkfHpV54yG8VQaz_l5-x-GVIrepRx5PdaYJJxq-MO2uDV46TkArL2NS8MUO35MOaqny6efZWI9T5gvgNQ&__tn__=EH-R

  • Well, when you get around to finding the time for visiting Galaxy's Edge you shouldn't have any trouble getting in, as it isn't particularly popular.

  • What about a multi-sound sound effect doorbell for your shop? Why haven't you done that

  • the reason why you can't cosplay at these places as an adult really does make sense. You can't have people getting mixed up between a person visiting the part and someone who works there. you can't have Chewbacca running around breaking character or alternatively it loses it's magic to visit Luke and Leia at a meet and greet with 3 Lukes queued infront of you and 6 Leias behind you.

  • James May? Aka Captain Slow??

  • I'd just like to make clear, that I would pay a _specific subscription_ to watch a long series of Adam building a Falcon cockpit. Seriously! 🤔

  • I believe actual costumes for adults are not allowed but people get really inventive with Batuu-bounding.

  • I bet the MF cockpit would make great seating for home theater.

  • Thank you for switching from "Franchise" to "narrative". It's the difference between reiterating and reinforcing corporate culture to speaking about human experience in a human way.

  • I hope we see Adam Savage in ILM movie credits again.

  • Glad I got the Millennium Falcon right - I was nervous for a second. 💎

  • Just redesign your whole house to be the interior of the Falcon.

  • One day I want to make one or a couple of the robots from "Batteries Not Included" ... Time I wish I could find the store to buy time...

  • Lucasfilm respects the fans: See the sequel trilogy. And no, the wetdream fanservice tv series' cant save star wars.

  • James may? Surely there's only one James may, no?

  • "You now who I'm talking about" I'm thinking of Nintendo, but he said "in the American industry"

    • I don't know who specifically he was referring to, but I somehow get the feeling that comment was related to the missing raptor costume videos...

  • You're a Hellboy fan and a Star Wars geek. Is there any way we could persuade Guillermo Del Toro to do a Star Wars movie? It wouldn't have to be a continuation of the existing series. A unique story set in that universe, sorta like how Mando is. I'd love to see his take in that universe.

  • Pfft, what? Supportive of the fandom? Yea let's ignore how decades of established lore can wiped then they had the nerve to complain about having nothing to work with. After that they give us abysmal fanfics and then smear the people who dared to dislike and rightfully criticize said craptastic trilogy with all sorts of buzzwords. Less said about the abortion that is The High Republic the better. Don't know what Lucasfilm you're talking about but the current one sure isn't what you just described.

  • Tenet was meh!

  • Haha, Doorbell ringing like they just showed up at your door after you said they don't manage fair use well.

  • Was that the James May from Top Gear / The Grand Tour????


  • Galaxy quest was amazing!!!!! I am more star wars than star trek, but... I like galaxy quest more than spaceballs!spacewalk! *I actually posted this at 11:38pm!

  • When I walked into galaxys edge for the first time in 2019... I nearly wept from excitement and joy. Its like I waited my whole life for that moment. Harry Potter land not so much. But I am biased so... yeah.

  • Wait... James May? Like, from donut media?!?!

  • I love the falcon cockpit thread on theRPF. so much talent and dedication.

  • "...idiots about copyright..." Ever watched any of Rick Beato's videos? The music industry is the poster industry for copyright idiocy.

  • As a local near Batuu East, I can help answer questions about Galaxy's Edge/ theme park immersion/ Wizarding World of Harry Potter/ etc. Feel free to leave a reply if there's anything you're curious about. Galaxy's Edge is super cool, definitely worth the visit. I bought a Disney annual pass pre-COVID almost entirely just to visit Batuu. You can just sit there and watch stuff happen, and there are so many details. Even the Aurebesh that you'll find everywhere can be translated back into English. I have two droids from the Droid Depot; one of them I hand painted and weathered, the other I haven't started on yet. There's a Facebook group called Mubo's Droid Builders Club if any of you are interested in seeing peoples' custom DD droids. Amusement park theming is definitely advancing rapidly; Universal is planning on building Epic Universe, which will include many different immersive lands. Everyone in Florida is very excited, especially given the fact that supposedly it'll be opening in 2025 or 2026. Disney is also working on their Star Wars hotel, which looks interesting but extremely pricey and possibly a bit cramped? So far us locals are unsure of what to think; it looks impressive in many aspects, so we'll have to see. Plus Disney unveiled their 'real' retractable lightsaber, which is intended for use in said Star Wars hotel. In regards to showing up in costume, Disney has been very lax (in terms of Star Wars, at least). People aren't allowed to show up in full gear (Chewwie costume, Mandalorian armor), but they're allowed to wear more low-key costumes. The term at Disney is Disneybounding, which is when someone dresses up in a fashion inspired by a character. For example, someone can Disneybound as Minnie Mouse by wearing her dress and some ears. For Galaxy's Edge, they sell physical costumes there and don't mind if you wear them in the parks (as long as you aren't attempting to pass yourself off as a cast member). You can also Disneybound as a citizen of Batuu by wearing the sort of draped cloth and muted colors like those cast members do. The whole 'cease and desist' thing is definitely a touchy topic. Disney/ Lucasfilms luckily seem relaxed about Star Wars fan creations as long as the fans are respectful. For example, the 501st Legion and Mandalorian Mercs are both really cool costume clubs that participate in charity work and upholding the high standards that Lucasfilms desires (costume-wise, anyways). Heck, the local 501st garrison in California (I think?) was called in to help film part of the season finale for The Mandalorian season 1. The studio didn't have enough stormtrooper outfits, but the 501st costumes are accurate enough that they were perfect for the screen. My only advice for Adam is, if you were to build a Star Wars themed Airbnb in California or Florida, people would flock to it. Could get really elaborate with it, too.

  • Warner Bros in Abu Dhabi is a completely indoor park which means that Gotham is dark and gritty and full of neon lights while you go through a tunnel and Metropolis is consistently at dawn with tall white buildings and a clean upright feeling. Highly recommend going when travel is more possible.

  • I’m just a peasant

  • What a leading question, basically asking do your kids like star wars or did you force them to like it?

  • Dude...

  • I’d love to see Star Wars, Harry Potter, etc. themed parks that were much more like renfaires.

  • 4:00 Captain Slow?

  • I want the bridge of a Star Destroyer that I can command. But of course I'm not rebel scum. #EmpireDidNothingWrong

  • The stuff they are coming up with for the immersion into the new Star Wars hotel they are coming out with here in Orlando, where you are literally on board a starcruiser for two days, sounds so amazing.

  • Galaxy's Edge was cool. The entry to Smuggler's Run was a disappointment... too many easily identifiable objects used as props up to and including unaltered Pelican cases and beer kegs in random locations...

  • I hop Adam gets to ride Rise of the Resistance at Galaxy’s Edge one day. It’s the most amazing and immersive ride to date. I was lucky enough to snag a reservation while on vacation in March and it was incredible.

  • "I'm much more interested in the aesthetic of a Rebel space as opposed to an Imperial space, because look around me! Chockablock aesthetic is my jam!" And yet... the first footage we get of Adam & fam experiencing Rise of the Resistance is going to be SOOOOO EPIC... (Not that his stint on the Falcon won't be also!!!)

  • I love how it sounds like Adam would still have had an amazing and fulfilling career even without Mythbusters. It feels good in a way to know that even though we would never have known him, he would have still been incredibly happy.

  • Lol lucasfilm understands fans. not while kathleen kennedy is around they don't

  • Adam is correct about the continued immersion from theme parks: Super Nintendo World seems like it's going to be another prime example.

  • adam telling how his kids had an R2 unit in their bedroom, me being jealous about it

  • I worked on a design stage of one of the Harry Potter Theme Parks and I think you're absolutely right that they represented a different approach to theme park design... a lot of credit has to go to JK Rowling for demanding that their design was overseen by Stuart Craig, production designer for all of the films. And of course to Stuart for being an undisputed design genius. What's more is there are a lot of Art Directors who worked on both the Harry Potter theme parks and also Galaxy's Edge, those projects are brimming with talented people.

  • I can now imagine a cosplayer having to deal with a Karen at Galaxy's Edge.

  • Someday comes and goes too fast. Do it now, before someday becomes yesterday.

  • That settles it, Adam should build a working Mileniam Falcon. But I would build the bar from New Hope with the crazy space creatures.

  • Get thee to Galaxy's Edge, NOW! (well, as soon as you can)

  • Yhea it's hard to see how they weren't infused with Star Wars and other such things you have such a passion for. You have so much for them to see and get excited about that it would have to get inside them. However we know how that can sometimes turn out with the child rejecting the thing you love out of the need to rebel... However with Star Wars they'd just be cutting off their own arms... 🤔 😉

  • 4:00 THE James May? From Top Gear? If so, can you guys should collaborate!

  • Thanks for answering my question. I think I showed my son Star Wars once and fifteen minutes in I knew he'd be going down the rabbit hole all by himself. You just have to enable them.

  • If I wanted to get into special effects, and my first assignment was a Bay Transfomers movie, I would be unhappy. I'd want to work on a project I can believe in.

  • Holy shit. Adam just said something potentially really accurate at 6:45 As technology continues to automate our world, there will be less of a need for humans to do menial tasks. Hopefully that will mean that everyone will start getting a base level pay just for being a citizen. That will mean that places like WestWorld, but Harry Potter themed for example, might actually become reality. Then again, maybe VR will completely take over the need? How realistic can VR get before we need brain implants? Maybe Augmentated reality is the answer? Im studying computer science, and I've constantly found myself worrying about all the truck drivers and jobs like that that will be gone in a couple decades. How long until androids take over the need for plumbers and electricians? Surely not in my lifetime, but it still made me worried about what future generations will do with all their time... Become like the humans in WallE? Hopefully it's just a bunch of nerds running around a real life Hogwarts casting spells and shit with augmented reality, you know 500 years from now

  • Millennium Falcon, FTW

  • Is that THE James May?

  • Rip mic at 12:20

  • _"Shaun of the Dell"_ is a top tier username o7

  • Though I knew a Falcon cockpit would be Adam's thing, I have a dream to one day make a simulated Emperor's Throne Room as a meditation chamber, so I can sit and watch the stars and a quiet animation of spaceships flying past the big round window.

  • Practical effects are why I love Raiders of the lost Ark

  • I gotta share this as you mentioned building the falcon cockpit would be the ultimate build. By best friend and I just completed it! Just the 2 of us. So if you want to give it a look as to how we did it. Here’s a short video that pretty much sums up the entire process.

  • lol, instantly said Millennium Falcon Cockpit RIGHT before you said it. 100% agree.

  • The cloud FX technique used in Close Encounters was first done by Buddy Gillespie for Wiz of OZ. (Who BTW is my wife’s great uncle)

  • love all your content 🖖

  • "You know who I'm talking about" Yes, the Frank Herbert Estate. ;-)

  • As a career, I am in facilities maintenance. So when I enter a building I look at all the pieces that make up a commercial space. Light fixtures. Exit signs, HVAC equipment, fire sprinklers, etc... When I went to Galaxys Edge I could not, as much as I tried, find ANY OF THIS. It was that immersive! Everything was superbly camouflaged. Every square inch of EVERYTHING was Star Wars. Down to rust drips on every bolt and rivet. It was the most incredible attraction/experience I've ever been to.

  • I feel like I’ve seen this but it says new

  • Shows how headsets are nowhere near immersive yet, that the investment is in reality based fantasy. Nice to know really.

  • fun fact: did you know that rubber masks that were molded from William Shatner's face were used for the mask in the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie. Greetings from my current location in the Philippines (but I am from Texas, just here trying to finish college.) Which should be soon.

  • any bets that Adam will take the inaugural trip on the Disney Galactic Starcruiser?

  • Wish you'd fix the audio. Sounds like it's had too much noise suppression in processing.

  • 8:20 Adam's talking about the dino suit videos which got taken down, isn't he!

    • @Neal Sterling There was a recent video series on Tested with Adam constructing his own velociraptor suit. He was receiving information and assistance from some folks at Animax. Animax make such suits. Anyway, part the way through the series the videos disappeared from the channel and no mention has since been made of them. My guess is that there was a legal challenge from the owners of Animax and Tested were forced to take the videos down. A real shame too! They were some great content! 🙂

    • Taken down? Why?

  • So you’re saying they didn’t offer you the job

  • It requires money to make money. this is the best secret I have ever discovered we don't make money, we EARn and MULTIPLY money.

    • @Ali Silcox Bots having an off-topic conversation on a video likely to have lots of views to promote someone. I reported it once, and it appears as though NOlong hasn't caught on to this particular thing yet...

    • assurance that has made me invest without the fear of losing, I got four of my friends involved with him already

    • @Tara Lauren Thanks, placing my trade with expert Elliot Benjamin ASAP

    • @Lautner Moore through what'sapp

    • + 1 = 3 = 1 = 6 = 4 = 6 = 9 = 6 = 6 = 8 = 6

  • Galaxys Edge doesnt have Mos Eisley or any of the famous landmarks/places of the original films. Just stuff loosely based on them. Why?

  • I have strong feeling of deja vu. Is this video a reupload? Or have I unintentionally time travelled?

  • It's not an Adam Savage Tested video unless a package has been delivered.

  • Adam, you're a Maker and a certified Nut of a thousand franchises ... how is That your doorbell alarm?! ... not a red alert claxon from Terk? an alert warble from or mouse droid beep from SW? ... a droning siren from Sky Captain? ... you got ... That?! ... Adam. Come on!

  • If I were to build a set piece from the Star Wars movies, I wouldn't do the Falcon Cockpit. I would do the Dining room from Empire as my own dining room.

  • I love how at 6:30 he is pretty much describing the origin of a future Westworld.

  • Re: Joining the Tested community. It's a community determined by how much discretionary spending members can afford. Consider coming up with other ways to join the privileged ones who can do all these additional things. I say this as someone who has just noticed this effect across the various video channels, and not just Tested, and as someone who could easily afford the membership, but keeps coming a cropper at the intrinsic unfairness of the monetary entry requirements. The world has always worked this way, but maybe here is an opportunity to do things a little differently.

    • Kind of necessary, NOlong itself pays very little that the income is somewhat needed. And for the larger channels it's an easy way to reduce how many they have to deal with. Any other system requires so much overhead to manage, such as constant commentor. Here's where small channels shine, the community. A small channel is more likely to have a much more open less gated community.

  • I like that R2-D2 has a retirement job in Adam's house as a nanny.

  • Disney being generous to fans regarding fair use...?? 😳 Disney??? Have I been frozen in carbonate and woken up in a distant totally unrealistic future? 🤔

    • I will never forgive them for wait they did to the EU.

  • I imagine if Adam hadn't done Mythbusters, he would've either started his own effects shop or gone to work for Weta for a time. Maybe even both.

  • Idea for a One day build: Make a doorbell that make you happy and proud to listen to.

  • 8:30 Dear lord yes they are.

  • 3:44 Somebody's knocking at the door. Somebody's ringing the bell. Do me a favor. Open the door, let them in.

  • With all the sound bites you have, change doorbell sound?

  • As a original trilogy fan ( not the prequels and definitely not the Disney trilogy ) I found galaxy’s edge disappointing when we visited Orlando’s version...the falcon was amazing to see both outside and in but as it only has one mission it doesn’t have long term appeal..there are not enough characters roaming the area and the cantina was a total missed opportunity, too small should have been based on the original. The other ride is great but again would have been so much better if it was imperial and not first order....the original designs are classics and just so much cooler.....

  • My wife has promised me if we win Powerball, I can turn out basement into the interior of the Millennium Falcon. I think it will happen even if we don't win.

    • Maybe if you do the basement first, the Powerball will follow 😉

    • Eh, while I would LOVE to buy a warehouse and build a Sci-Fi space ship set in it, then live in the set full time, I don't think I would replicate any specific IP out there. I think I'd want to build my universe and lore while building the ship. Of course, part of that would be using the ship as a set in some sort of creative project on the web. (Yeah, I'm one of THOSE dungeon masters.) Then again, I also want to build a house that looks like a Victorian styled railroad station, complete with eight foot wide porches running the length of the house and real track on the property. Sadly, I haven't won the Powerball yet, so these are just dreams in the pipeline of Things That May Yet Come.

    • Right on

  • I'm still waiting for the Adam Savage Makes Animal Noises montage...

  • The minute I walked into Galaxy’s Edge Disney world Hollywood studios I immediately felt like I was really in a Star Wars movie and I stayed there the whole day. Also to note I barely did anything there but look around (due to time and little money) and still felt fully immersed they did an amazing job 🤩