3D Printing a Miniature Cityscape Diorama!

Publisert 20. mai. 2021
Cue the 3D printing timelapse music because it's time for another resin print showcase. Norm shares two projects he's been tinkering with, starting with a beautifully modeled cityscape designed by The Lazy Forger. Created for 6mm scale tabletop gaming, this set of buildings are also ripe for making diorama bases for display models or other printed figures. We also use Meshmixer to slice a character portrait for a quick and easy mixed media aesthetic.

The Lazy Forger's 3D models: www.myminifactory.com/users/T...
Paul Braddock's 3D models: www.paul-braddock.com/collect...
Meshmixer: www.meshmixer.com/
Turn A Gundam model: amzn.to/3v8CdBw

Shot and edited by Norman Chan

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Thanks for watching!


  • Turn a gundam opening starts playing

  • There's someone on thingiverse making building 3d print's at the same scale of the Geocrapers called Greeble City www.thingiverse.com/fisk400/collections/greeblecity

  • Am I mistaken or is that a nice throwback to the Print the Mystery Object music...

  • I love these. Norm is the best!

  • Cool

  • Green is a good color

  • Love the video .So much going on .

  • wow that's pretty cool

  • @AdamSavage'sTested hey Norm, maybe the head of the statue lights up on one side for whatever reason? IDK. BTW, what's the silver box on your desk with the white and red flashy lights? Looks like something out of Star Wars!

  • Where subtitle ??? :(

  • Turn A is my favorite gundam!

  • The Lazy Forger (Jack) here! Thank you SO much for the review! Credits go to the sculptor Feo for these excellent Asian buildings, he's one of the two-man-army TLF is! That's seriously a new level for us, we're humbled and in shock!

  • That is really nice. Would be better if the buildings/ infrastructures were early 1900s style since that’s Turn A’s aesthetic.

  • Nice one but come on Norm get the paint brush's out. Lazy bones

  • Great now paint the city please

  • Hey you shouldn't do what you are doing, it is wrong. I wont tell but they might find out and then you will be in trouble. If you don't want to spend the rest of your life in jail STOP IT NOW.

  • Music from the maker bot mystery build, nice touch.

  • Does anyone ever feel that 3D printing is kind of cheating?

    • No. Work smarter not harder. It's not different from purchasing diorama pieces from a hobby store and even if you print some big complex thing, you still have to paint/glue it up. Not gonna worry about some rando on the internet that thinks it's cheating when it saves so much time and produces great results.

    • @瞬間接着剤よ But that is still removing yourself one step away from peronsl skill and knowledge. 3D printers are the Grammarly of making.

    • Yes but it also allows artists to skip tedious parts of the process and focus on other parts sooo

  • Super cool!

  • Here just for the Turn A reference. Turn A turn, turn A turn, Turn Aaaaaaaaaa

  • The music :'), brings tears of joy.

  • What's the purpose of angling the models when printing?

  • Check out nolong.info/show/gtlkiZlmedqjfoE/video.html to figure out best angle for smoothest surface possible

  • Loved the little building models, happy to see the Turn-A ready turn everything to dust!

  • Sadly without a operating licence sales service if i upload to myminfactory id be a trapped newb because i would not be able to sell my bizness. Im coaching a couple of new sites to move in. Currently theres no operationl websites left for 3d print comunity. Not one. The sites appear up but they aint really....some services at best. Just newb trappers left. As i said im coaching some new players...may be online soon. Hopefully there shall be at least one operational site for the comunity soon. Be well.

  • remember when Norm was a lost noob, looking over everyone's shoulder? Now we get excited when he posts his wips and we're looking over his shoulder. Love the growth, and always excited to see his dio builds

  • “Quick and dirty” Hours and hours of printing and clean up work later… lol

  • What are your support settings?

  • I wonder if you've ever tried working with software like Nomad sculpt (ipad) to either pose or create some cool models for prints

  • Lol with the half and half head

  • He's Norm and I'm Jealous. It would be awesome to have a good 3D printer and start making!

  • I thought you'd put the Godzilla you printed not long ago in there.

  • Cool. I wonder if these are models of actual buildings, and if so, I wonder if you can find them on google maps. I have a hobby of visiting places with google maps and street view. Here is a fun one: Find and visit the Sphinx on google maps in Satellite view. (Hint: Search for Sphinx Giza) Follow the dirt roads with street view and do some sight-seeing. See if you can spot some tourists, camels and pyramids.

    • @Robin Browne thanks!

    • @Federico Valsecchi They are very cool :-)

    • Hi! I'm the scultor of the buildings models (and half of the team behind The Lazy Forger). those aren't based on any specific building* but are mashup of different buildings from Tokyo I either have seen and took phoso of during my travels in Japan or just jumped around aimlessy on Google Earth Pro until I found some detail I wanted to Include or interesting shapes I wanted to replicate. I tried to go for the most achetypical Tokyo buildings possibile. *With one exception, a Building from the Asian City Pack 2 is based on the Fujiwara Tofu Shop from the Initial D Manga/Anime

  • Turn A turn! Century Color! Million Color!!!

  • What happens to the support resin pieces that get torn away? Can they be recycled somehow or reused?

  • TurnA Gundam? I personally prefer Strike Freedom and Barbatos Lupus but interesting throwback lol. Then again I guess Freedom/S. Freedom kinda qualifies as a throwback nowadays.

  • High Marks for bringing back the MakerBot theme.

  • I'm just finishing up the design work on a ZAFT tank from Gundam seed for 3D printing and have a backpack from the 1/144 Windam nearly ready for testing. I have a 1/1700 Izumo class ship on my work bench along with a GUUL hovered board that needs to be painted. There's a lot of us making gunpla stuff for 3D printing, so what would you be interested in us working on?

  • Now you need to make the city of tanis from Indiana Jones. The miniature city the staff of ra points out the ark.

  • Seeing Gundam on Tested makes me happy! :)

  • I've been undecided whether to get a resin or extrusion 3D printer. I can't deny the quality difference any longer. Resin here I come.

  • part albino

  • They didn't print the roaches that infest the buildings.

  • I see Gundam, I click.

  • Hey, just a heads up, it looks like the link to the Turn A Gundam model in the comment and description are for the High Grade, not the Master Grade that Norm has in the video!

    • To be fair the master grade is really over priced right now, gotta wait and hope for a reprint. It should be like 35 to 45 dollars but you can only find it for like 100 currently.

    • The MG is better because it comes with The Cow, everyone's favorite Turn A Gundam character.

  • Nice I love turn a gundam cool to see it getting some love

  • Kinda to bad that the designers of the buildings did not go an extra step to make the buildings selves to be modular so that the maker could self modify the height, and etc.

  • Awe, was hoping the bendable arm was going to be a giant tentacle/Lovecraftian type entity

    • aaaand commented too early, the Gundam is pretty cool, physical forced perspective

  • Is there even a futute for thos elike 40k Tabletop Figurines anymore? If files are available isn´t anyone getting a printer and make back its money worth in no time?

  • Nice!!!😀

  • I got into gundam with Gundam Wing and the 8th MS Team, which makes it really hard to get into any other Gundam series with the more rounded glittery gundams rather than the gritty angular gundams.

  • I’d love to get into resin printing. It’s amazing the detail you can get on tiny stuff, and the ability to fill a build plate without making the print time take longer fits my printing style. FFM is great for larger simpler shapes but doesn’t come close to resin printers for tiny organic/real world shapes.

  • Oh, I miss that theme.

  • Master grade Turn A Gundam is so damn good.

  • I love the city diorama, ive been making a custome taver/inn using the townsmith beta programme that i backed on ks. With mixed results.

  • If I was rich af I'd get someone to 3D print me a complete GTAV map with this detail.

  • I think resin printing is one of the most amazing modern marvels, I still don't get exactly how it works!

  • Thanks Norm that’s great - was unaware of Meshmixer and will massively help on my 1/56 scale Battletech prints!

  • Would you do a video on your 3d support settings? There's a few on NOlong, but they aren't the same quality of video you produce and would be really helpful.

  • It would have been so slick to arrange for the Moonlight Butterfly wings.

    • that would take knowing the source material- and I'm not sure whether Norm does or whether he just built it as an interesting model kit

  • Wow! That's an awesome ResinLapse!

  • my coworker recently purchased a 3D printer and he has been 3D printing miniature buildings for me. I'm collecting them to create a city diorama for my tokusatsu figures (Ultraman, Godzilla, other kaiju)

  • Print Godzilla? :)

  • 1. Stunning ResinLapse shots 😬😬😬 2. That mini city idea is amazing! That is a fantastic idea for a diorama 3. Holy crap did that metallic finish look good

  • Hope family life is going good Norm. I know how tough the first couple of months can be.

  • Very slick. "Forced Perspective."

  • Hi everybody

  • That music is a blast from the past

  • Turn A gundam is so underrated

  • 14th

  • NOlong has been spookily good with recommendations today. It's been a long time since I've watched any diorama videos, but in the middle of watching a Terminator 2 diorama video that seemed randomly recommended, I got the notification for this video.

  • Nerd level is to high for me.

  • Norm: leaves the Turn A flying over his cityscape *24 hours later* Norm: Why did my city turn to dust?!

  • What are you using for your time-lapse of the resin prints? Maybe a video on how that is achieved and what hardware you're using for it?

    • ResinLapse 🤘 you can find it on Etsy or in our Bigcartel shop

  • Yo.... it was the gundam that brought me here.

  • Gundam is the all time greatest anime

  • How I've missed that music :)

  • *follow your pancreas because the heart is a daydreaming idiot*

  • 👍

  • Yes to all that is gundam

    • To be more specific. Turn A Gundam. Which was designed by none other than Syd Mead (July 18, 1933 - December 30, 2019), who was an American industrial designer and neo-futurist concept artist who did the mechanical designs for Turn A Gundam. Outside of Gundam, he was best known for his work on films such as Blade Runner, Aliens and Tron. All three are classics of 1980s scifi.

    • Hell yes bro

  • Can you 3d print the blue album with Adam savage replacing quomo

  • Gundam yes

    • I’d use 3D printers to help replace parts as well as making customizing pieces

  • The Lazy Forger's 3D models: www.myminifactory.com/users/TheLazyForger Paul Braddock's 3D models: www.paul-braddock.com/collections/3d-print-files Meshmixer: www.meshmixer.com/ Turn A Gundam model: amzn.to/3v8CdBw ResinLapse cable: www.etsy.com/listing/970847090/resinlapse-resin-3d-printer-timelapses Uncle Jessy's video on ResinLapse: nolong.info/show/fL2Mh4Fjls2renU/video.html Uncle Jessy's NOlong channel: nolong.info/window/8i8e7likh-EYMq1bZ0ttHw Canon N3 adapter cable to work with ResinLapse: amzn.to/3oxikBy

    • @PARADOX At this point, pretty much any resin printer on the market would get you a very decent result! Anything costing 250$ or more will do! Of course if you go with 600-1000$ printers you will end up with slightly sharper prints, and a lot more reliable performances. And the resin is getting fairly cheap too, recently!

    • @Giacomo Pantalone how much do those printers cost anyway

    • The Lazy Forger (Jack) here! Thank you Norm for the great showcase, we greatly appreciate it! Needless to say, if you feel like printing more we would be more than happy to send you any model - including unreleased and experimental files! PM us here, on MyMiniFactory or on Facebook (facebook.com/thelazyforger) if you feel like!

    • Anyone for free?

    • Hi Adam, can that 3D printer print out like Lego pieces