The Real Ocean's 11 - This is Only a Test 602 - 6/3/21

Publisert 3. juni. 2021
We're joined by Tested contributor Bill Doran of Punished Props Academy to talk about his latest foam fabrication projects, how he's thinking about convention travel plans for the rest of the year, and the benefits of FDM 3D printers versus resin printers. Plus, Kishore gives an update on NASA's James Webb telescope and we all geek out over reality competition shows that showcase compentency over drama.

Thanks to Bill for joining us this week! Follow Punished Props Academy at and

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  • Thanks to Bill for joining us this week! Follow Punished Props Academy at and

  • showing that the rate of COVID 19 infections in kids is 6 fold the expect. Please check your fact before stating it is safe for kids as there is little risk of infection. Maybe you where not aware of this study. Please check blanket statements about this Kishire Hari.

  • With how often Kishore and Norman talk about wanting to get back into theatres, it makes me wonder if they aren't AMC shareholders.

    • Missed the AMC stonk train. For some reason I see going to a movie as some sense of normalcy

  • Skip Cruella the movie and just watch Pitch Meeting Cruella on youtube.

  • I went with SLA and love it. I have been using the Elegoo Mars 2 Pro for over a year. Must haves: 1) a flexible magnetic build plate (but more than one helps) 2) water washable resin (this is a game changer for smell control as it eliminates need for alcohol), the difference in price between water washable resin and regular resin + alcohol is close now I have my resin printer set up in my bathroom. I can close the door and turn the fan on. If you don't have much sunlight (I'm in Vancouver) then a spool of UV leds inside an empty bucket for curing is also necessary. Rinse water gets dumped into a large bucket for curing with LEDs. I find that the cured resin eventually settles to the bottom. Now that we have sun and heat I am setting it outside to evaporate the water off. A spool of UV LEDs and a wall wart is much cheaper than any of the professional setups (less than $10).

  • Kishore we need a setup tour/details as your setup looks great.

    • Just my Sony a6000 with a HDMI adapter and some natural light through a window

  • Summer is here again with the restriction of movement of and recess to be enjoyed by most workers. ;It's an opportunity to utilize and redirect this funds into life changing investments as to secure financial sustainability!!!!

    • @Rodrigue Samson I think this pandemic has taught people the importance of multiple streams of income unfortunately having a job doesn’t mean security rather having different investments is the real deal… So l really appreciate your transparency

    • The first half of the year have been tough and mostly influenced and manipulated by whales shifting the Digital market in their favour, with many achievements not met yet you have to be ready for the 2nd half and it begins right now.

    • @John Greca Thank you for the info, I can comfortably add to my portfolio without the fear of losing.

    • +1=4=1=3=3=7=6=8=2=4=1=

    • @Lilian Fred Through what'sap, his availability is sure👇

  • Wow for a channel that wouldn't stop talking about The Force Awakens before it's release you guys have totally ignored every episode of the Bad Batch so far in favor of MCU gushing, even though SW series content on Dplus is destroying the yawn fest series content that MCU has offered so far - how about a little Bad Batch discussion during pop culture?

    • @Kishore Hari Ah ok - well they really only need to watch the last season of clone wars to have context - get them on it! lol And thanks for answering

    • I'm doing a slow watch with my kiddo. Love it so far, but I don't think the others watched Clone wars.

  • Ryobi also makes a cordless heat gun that works pretty well.

  • Quiet Place 2 was good. I cannot comprehend paying money to see Cruella.

  • I'm sorry, I must have been having a stroke. I could have sworn that Norm just said that Cruella was worth watching.

  • Antiques Roadshow a PBS show indeed. If you love quaint British shows you should watch the BBC original.

  • Im a fan of FDM because with my machine its pretty much set it and forget it style printing, super easy consistent prints. What I print I dont do much if any prost processing so I can pop the print off the bed and its done. Its really specific to what things you print, sounds like Norm is only printing minis and small detail pieces so yeah perfect for SLA, but I like to mess around in fusion to make custom parts and I can iterate the design throughout the day with the printer in the same room im in. Also im pretty sure even PLA is more durable than most resin so that is a big plus too for structural parts.

  • Tyler Durden Does NOT approve Norm’s intimate knowledge of Ikea furniture...

  • I remember being a fan of Bill a long time ago when his channel was smaller. Now he's ascended to the TESTED level.

  • Geez, Who's the guy that looks like Bill but is not wearing a hat? - lol Hi Bill!

  • You son of bit#h, I'm in.....

  • Bill is an awesome guest, always so positive and fun.

  • Myślałem że to RockAlone na miniaturce :D

  • Demar comedies here check us out

  • The James Web telescope is infra-red

    • That's what you get with 90% sports and 10% science. =P

    • I meant IR! Sorry I said UV!

  • I have to ask why do you have long music breaks between each section of the Podcast? It wastes time And seems kind of annoying to me. Maybe I'm the only one

    • A few seconds of music is not long at all.

  • Kishore's camera looks great with the lighting and slightly out of focus background.

  • 25:30 talking about covid variation naming.. Kappa is setting twitch users on fire

  • Feels I dont see Bill so much these days,

  • Shout-out to Bill and Kishore from Northern NY!

  • Instant thumbs up for not getting Will to stand in...

  • Bro I legit just re watched oceans 11 2 days ago GoOGLE is listening THEY KNOW EVERYTHING WE ARENT SAFE

    • If I don’t make it out alive.. jsut know google is always watching and listening in the dark no matter where you are or what your doing they will know I sent this using mobile data it’s only a matter of time before I run out or they end that too


  • Bro I legit just re watched oceans 11 2 days ago GoOGLE is listening THEY KNOW EVERYTHING WE ARENT SAFE

  • Hi Bill!! 😆✨

  • wooh quick comment

  • Hello

  • 🔥🔥🔥

  • Here first