Adam Savage's Beskar Spear Prop Replica!

Publisert 31. mai. 2021
Adam has long been a collector of swords, but he may have to start a spear collection in the cave with the arrival of this beautiful Beskar Spear replica from the propmakers at JJ Industries. It's another piece of Adam's upcoming Mandalorian cosplay, and he examines and assembles this spear in today's show and tell!

Find this Beskar Spear prop replica here:
Disclosure: This kit was provided by the manufacturer for purposes of review.

Shot by Adam Savage

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  • I love the pure joy and excitement. I just started binging the Mandalorian a week ago and got to the episode with the Beskar spear last night.

  • Ah yes Beskar, the best plot armor

  • This is the way...

  • Adam can you make a ballistics gel cadaver so we can see the staff in action?

  • That’s when you realise... Adam doesn’t know what to do with a Speer hehe

  • That is an Incredible Prop..I want One headed off to JJ site..!

  • Is no one going to talk about that sick phone flip at 4:50? 😂

  • You have 100 swords in your collection?!? Please do a video showing them all!

  • Ich bewunder immer deine Video alles was du machst und deine Werkstatt bin auch ein basteler ich weiss Handwerk zu schätzen

  • So Luke made this spear huh

  • I'd be interested to know if that spear goes straight to his bedroom for "some time", just leaning against the wall ready to be used at a moment's notice.

  • Pics in the Mando armor with the spear!

  • Adam and the hack smith should rely do a collaboration it would be spectacular

  • Thumbs down by 32 people?

  • Looks great,will they let you in at the CON with metal weapons.

  • Beskar has to hit beskar to ring loudly, you need more beskar

  • Tri spear points were declared illegal weapons of War by the Geneva convention, because the wounds inflicted are difficult to treat/heal.

  • Hold it at its approximate harmonic nodes (1/2 length, 1/4 length, any other fraction represented in the harmonic series) with as little contact along its length as possible and it is likely to ring.

  • 😂 at the english captions whenever he says Beskar

  • You can get a rubber spear tip for the Mando spear in order to use thew at conversions

  • There’s a lovely irony of all the recent Lucasfilm productions being made the UK EXCEPT for The Mandalorian, which is filmed in Southern California. Now Adam in California is getting a Mando prop from the UK.

  • All hail the power of STICK!

  • 6:44 POV: What it's like to be choked by Adam Savage.

  • That is an amazing looking prop. And you won't have to worry about the threads coming undone! :p

  • Gorgeous piece of kit for a very reasonable price. Can’t wait to see the cosplay in all its glory!

  • Top notch, professional technique threading it together. My favorite part😫😫👌

  • Tap the base on solid ground. They made it so it sings like in the show. I got in on the pre-order and absolutely LOVE mine.

  • I sometimes feel like Adam is just like me but able to afford a shop and lots of star wars stuff. Hopefully working hard will get me there one day

  • Nice spear! Remember that the Darksaber in the Mandalorian caused the spear to turn a little red. both great weapons! Enjoy.

  • Whatever happened to the Martian suit build

  • Adam has Matt Easton levels of swords and he has a spear now.

  • Adam, how about a one day build where you re-cover that poor bench seat/barstool?

  • Adam, how do I get your attention? Is this not possible? I want to send you a tool...

  • Mr. Savage, the spear point, looks like the one from Dragonslayer. Very cool!

  • Why does this channel have ads for ulcerative colitis before every video?

  • Adam: *Sees kayak paddle pole pieces in case* “oOoOGGGGHHHHGGGUUUGGHHHHHHhhHooooo”

  • Here's a question I just came up with. How do you decide when you want to buy something instead of build it yourself? Is it a matter of just seeing something cool online and buying it? Or have you ever had moments where you thought, "That's really cool but I could build one cooler," and then do it?

  • 💯

  • You need to make a Mandalorian costume now Adam :-)

  • 6:42 I Appreciate *Grabs you by the throat and shakes you around* I APRECIATE

  • Remember kids, when faced with a light saber-wielding maniac, your best defense is having a "best car" for that quick getaway!

  • Envisage a spear with a sabre point ?

  • Ever notice that if you miss a few Adam videos that you look at the shop background and notice something has changed? New storage solution or something similar? xD

  • take it to the pool hall on comp night

  • Adam. We know it is a great piece of work. We got the point!

  • I myself have bought some of their aluminum bits for my Mando cosplay. I’m also anxiously waiting on my beskar spear which should be here this week!! So cool to see Adam highlighting and praising JJ Industries. They treat you like family no matter where you are. 💖

  • You should do Viking Elmer Fudd x Mandalorian crossover cosplay.

  • OOH OOH make a forged carbon fiber one! Forged carbon fiber tube looks FANTASTIC

  • For protection against a lightsaber, what works best is an expensive colourful flat screen TV. Or so I've heard.

  • Wow, you can go lion hunting with this "prop"

  • So, the spear tip and the shaft seem like they might be made out of different materials or types. The color cast in some views looks a bit different in some shots. Am I wrong?

    • @Brad Knowles haha thanks for the support & kind words! we for sure wanted to make something that was accessible to as many folks as possible but we absolutely appreciate if we were to put a business head on we for sure could charge more but we love being able to offer something comfortably at this price point that still covers our work and gives us enough scope to front future projects of this scale!

    • @Luke Daley - And request sent to get in on the second round of orders. I must confess, and I think my community members will hate me for saying this, but I think you’re not charging enough for them.

    • @Luke Daley - So long as I’m not actually going crazy, I’m good! That’s a fantastic spear, and I’m going to have to take a long hard look at your site. Thank you very much for your commitment to excellence in prop replication!

    • A Keen eye indeed! The shaft is a high RA as machined finish where as the tip is Milled with a surface polish, They are however the same grade, but fortunately the original also has some differing shades between the tip and the shaft 🙂

  • Better than beskar, get thee some cortisis (it destroys lightsaber blades)

  • I'm so ordering one for my bday

  • Against lightsabers I would think cortosis beats out beskar. Though I don’t know if cortosis is even canon anymore.

  • Big Ups From Down Under Nate Mate

  • I so want one

  • i known is fan the star wars

  • Looks like something is embossed on the butt

  • They probably use a plastic one on set.

  • I have JJ Industry's TLJ Phasma pike- it's fantastic! Beautifully machined, great coupling as you noted on yours, just a solid piece of work. Fantastic prop for my costume. Mine only splits in two- three parts would be even better (especially since it's a good six and a half feet' fully assembled).

  • The shop looks cleaner than normal

  • World's deadliest billiards cue.

  • What kind of dog?

  • They sent it because they're awesome? You don't feel dirty saying that? They sent it in the hopes that you would make this video. It's transactional. You're influencer in case you forgot. You made a commercial

  • I love Adam’s dog, mine would be causing mayhem if I were to let her into a space like his cave.

  • Fuck beskar! get you some costosis!!!!

  • Unfortunately, the prop wouldn't be allowed on any Con floor. A bit too lethal. Time for a display case build. ✌

  • hey adam do you know were to cet a 3d printer for ceep

  • Spear vs sword . Spear tends to win . Pointy end with long shaft ,gives greater reach and is easier to keep pointed at opponent. No guarantee to win ,but better odds . Vs a "Jedi" and or "sith" take what ever help you can get . Personally I will just run as fast and with as much dignity I can muster with brown stained shorts, if I was to ever come face to face with a real life light sabre being swung at me . ,;)

  • I once brought Beskar spear to town. Now I’m the Mayor.

  • You know what you gotta do now Adam. Try to replicate it.

  • I know that Karen and Luke did this as a gesture of kindness and community. I hope that many prop collectors will find out about their products and reward them with many orders, now and in the future.

  • Beautifull, and very realistic.

  • Skip to 5 minutes in (of a 9 minute video) if you just want to see the spear and miss out on all the "blah blah blah blah blah blah blah".

  • I think a beskar pool cue would be awesome

  • I like that : )

  • "Luke" sent you a Beskar spear? Lol. Oh and I so like those Demerit badges haha!

  • Beskar pool cue.

  • I love how Adam gets a nice letter and kind words and forgets that he is a celebrity that inspires many people. Sir Humbleot.

  • ADAM! balance it on ONE plastic cube thingy. Then it will ring.

    • nah just levitate it in an antigravity chamber, then it'll _really_ ring

  • Beskar is bestkar?

  • cant wait for the costume vid!!!

  • Adam you are so right the spear is mightier than the sword.

  • Adam- "the spear beats the sword". Me- "ah Adam, so you woke up today and chose violence"

  • Sword show and tell of your entire collection

  • One of the things my kids learned playing Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Spears are way more useful than a sword. Those gold enemies are stronger and faster. Let's keep them at a respectable distance.

    • @Chromulus not just easier to use, also way easier to make ;).

    • If you look at weapon history, it is also true for real life. Most of the time swords were only used by people highly trained in them while spears were far easier to use and, in many cases, more effective so spears would make up the bulk of an armies melee combat weapons compared to a sword.

  • Luke and Karen are great great makers and wonderful people. So lovely that Adam have a sense of that.

  • Get some nickel Never-Seez on the threads to prevent galling!

    • A post from one of the builders indicates they use threaded rods, so I'd assume they're steel. Having suffered from aluminium threads galling, though, I did think it was folly for him to thread it together so tight before lubricating.

  • The hardest part is getting the Beskar.

  • You should make the spear in Dragonslayer!

  • This is the way

  • Now you need to sharpen the spear head since they probably couldn't legally do that in the U.K. which will turn it from a pointy stick into an actual spear.

  • Best weapon against a 'light' sabre must be a retro reflective mirror shield. Surely.

  • What's that on your arm Adam

  • YEY we actually know the people who sent this!

  • Was it the zipper that made that fantastic sound at 3:40?! It's like straight out of a cartoon.

  • I need critical measurements

  • 3:41 ...that’s a lot of drool...

  • I love who he is still excited by getting gifts and not just taking it for granted :)

  • Now you’ll need a Dark Saber to go with it