Steam in Your Pocket - This is Only a Test 601 - 5/27/21

Publisert 27. mai. 2021
We don't hold our breath for news about JJ Abram's Portal movie, but get excited for casting for Netflix's Sandman in this week's episode. We also discuss the rumor that Valve is making a handheld gaming PC to run Steam, the first Eternals trailer, and Tesla's decision to go all in on computer vision.

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  • Since when is Angelina Jolie considered big name in movies or any of these mentioned no talent actors. She lost her any fame she had built when she started heavily working with satanic driven organisations, on top of that she look like a walking corpse. She had some fame back in 90s for showing off her breasts in movies and that is it. She can't act even if she wants to. What all this is just a proof that the production is going mega cheap for years because lets face it not everyone is watching these.

  • In Australia we have free eye tests for all residents, and free glasses for students, pensioners, disabled etc. People use their private insurance layer to subsidise designer frames etc.

  • Thanks for putting me at ease Norm, I thought my tv was playing up until I heard you saying that it was a part of the film

  • The overconfident shoemaker differently flower because budget centrally suspect till a adaptable distribution. heartbreaking, weary trial

  • You guys should reach out to James Douma, maybe he can help fill some of the gaps.

  • The Razer Edge tried the portable PC thing years ago. I believe it flopped pretty hard.

  • I'm "officially" a Mac user, but if that portable PC thing is any good, that is, if it can run World Of Warcraft, i might be interested in it, if it's not too expensive of course, hopefully not much over $500. It makes me think of the old PSP days, i used that thing for lots of stuff, the way the Nintendon't... sorry, i had to. The DS was good, but the PSP was a lot better, too bad they insisted on the Vita, i always preferred the UMD versions, especially because my favorite game (R-Type Tactics II) was not available digitally, unless i modified it and ran it through emulator. I will buy a Switch anyway though, as R-Type Final 2 just came out, i don't have a Ps4 to play it on either, and buying a Ps4 also requires me to buy a better TV, so that will be about $600 at least, for a TV that i barely will use, _OR_ buy a handheld PC to play WoW on and possibly Photoshop and video editing, and play R-Type Final 2 on Switch, and continue using my old Mac that otherwise still works fine.

  • the steam machines (made by Alienwear) came in two variants. a Linux vs. and a Windows vs. I know because I still have the windows vs. they also made a steam stream box which does the game extending. those were two separate products. or three actually. I have both.

  • Norm is wrong about eyes being better than cameras. Our vision is foviated so we only can see detail in the middle of our visual field. Our cicade movements blind us for milliseconds every time we move our eyes Our processing is inconsistent and error prone Our camera gimbal (neck) is slow Our motor responses to visual data are on the of seconds. Car is milliseconds. I wish these guys would invite experts to talk rather than norm guy guessing how the world works all the time. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • I preferred the old podcast format.

  • Jeremy is a cool guy, first time listening.

  • I saw the dead pixels in Army of Dead!! Haha I thought it was just me. Freaked me out for a minute.

  • 5 years?! Dude, it costs like $80 at the mall without insurance to get an exam. Everyone stay off of the road near Norm’s usual routes. And yes you CAN have new lenses fitted to old frames. Also… did Norm suggest Thor: Ragnarok wasn’t a hit?!

    • @GrantDolanMusic haha, self driving is gonna save Norm one day.

    • At this point I think Norm is allowing his Tesla to see for him when he is driving. Get new glasses Norm!

  • Kishore was awfully fast correcting Jeremy on the Bill/Frank mixup. Did frank just move away? That was an abrupt separation it seemed but it didn’t seem hostile

  • You could have just titled this episode "Sewer Farts" cause thats what the steam coming out of my pocket is

  • VR "Non Minute" = 23:11

    • Bonus VR Non Minute continuation after movie tangent: 29:26

    • +1 boooo

    • booooooooo

  • Kishore's blurry background is horrible.

  • 5 years without a check up. Dude..

  • Verbs are always capitalized in titles. So it should be "This Is Only a Test." This is a version of laziness I cannot forgive. Just look up the rules and learn them, instead of freestyling it your entire life. It would take three minutes. Nah! Can't be bothered. This is how standards decline a little at a time.

    • i for one, applaud their love for the dot on the i, just like i rarely capitalize my i's, unless it's a proper word of more than 2 letters (other than when they are at the start of a sentence -in formal writing, that is, not in chat or comments like i do now), otherwise i think it looks weird, like an underscore l (L). And honestly, i never got why "i" has to be capitalized, i am not that important and it's kind of a random German grammar thing (not nazi), they capitalize some words in mid-sentence as well. English is not my first language, but if you say that verbs are always capitalized, where does "Only" belong to? I don't think it's a verb, and if non-verbs also get capitalized, why not "a", too? Personally i would capitalize the "a" and "is" if i wrote the title, just because it's the 'proper' way, or at least, that's how they do it with most song titles, but i prefer this mixed style, it's easier on the eyes. Also, kinda late to start changing it up now, they've only been doing it this way for 601 episodes. The person taking care of this channel would have to take a couple days out to go back and correct all the previous video's, assuming they don't prefer to just leave the 'mistake' in.

    • Somebody get off this guy's lawn!

    • Ahh, a fellow curmudgeon. Hello brother. You tell 'em.

  • Hi Adam! I was greatly disappointed when Mythbusters ended =( but I'm happy I get to see you here. =)

    • @Bonzulac Somtimes yes... Why, do you have a problem with me doing so? I know Adam is not in this video specifically.

    • Do you often comment on videos you haven't watched?

  • Aaaaaa

  • Third

  • Love you guys.

  • YAH...!! FIRST....!

  • Great podcast btw

  • First comment

    • @Bonzulac ima sub to u now

    • How many studios are Jett Studios, exactly?

    • Objection!

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