Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Foamcore Architectural Model!

Publisert 9. juni. 2021
Every time Adam needs to wrap his head around the layout of a building, he makes a scale model of the structure as an exercise to better understand the space. One such building is the Fab House community maker space in Cleveland, for which Adam is on the advisory board. Using digital renders and blueprints as reference, Adam recreates the four floors of the Fab House in a 1/24 scale architectural model form using trusty foam board, a craft knife, tape, and hot glue!

Shot and edited by Gunther Kirsch

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  • Learn more about Fab House: Donate to the current campaign for supporting youth ambassadors: For updates on Fab House (#fabhousecleveland), follow founder Sonya Pryor-Jones @SonyaPryorJones on Twitter or IG

    • @Joe Czekaj whoa you live near Adam that is so cool

    • Thats literally 10 minutes from my house!

    • Hi Adam wait ive never thought about this but do you have a camera man? architeture is very cool my nephew likes that type of stuff me too

  • I love this man's excitement so much

  • Regarding the constant glue gun - I believe there are electric ones that do this.

  • If you have any hearing difficulties then you tend to talk louder then most other people. I know I do. Almost completely deaf in left ear and soon to be wearing a new digital hearing aid in the right.

  • Should there be a rule that before you start working with Foamcore that your X-acto knife blade be change every time there is a new build. That sure beats rescoring your line umpteen times.

  • Where do you get you foam core material? Is one brand or type preferred over another?

  • When touring with bands, Cleveland was my favorite stop. Great nightlife and what they have done along the river is beautiful. Best part was going into the RRHOF with said band and seeing the reactions of visitors to current and hopefully some future) honorees.

  • no 24th does not scales easily, you had to watch sky when doing it! use metric for scaling ffs

  • So a glue gun that works through motorized advancement rather than through the use of a lever? I feel like I've seen something like that, and unfortunately I haven't got the skills to build one myself. But perhaps a worm screw that engages with the bottom of the stick powered by a little electric motor, maybe put a dial on the side to control speed and a reversing switch in case you need to pull the glue stick out?

  • I got about halfway through the video before I suddenly realized that "oh wait Adam isn't filming himself" lol the end of an era?

  • Me watching after having finished a Master's degree in architecture almost a decade ago...having nightmares of all the model building I had to do 😅

  • This video was great, thank you! But I learned I hate the sound of foam core being cut on the table saw, and also I reeeeeeally hate the sound of foam core being cut by a blade….yuck…gives me shivers

  • This is triggering architecture school PTSD, hard. Two rules: - your model will take three times longer than you think it will and cost twice as much. - The printer is designed to fail. Remember, when (not if) you cut yourself with the x-acto, bleed on the floor, not your work!

  • Should have done the stairs

  • I moved to Alabama in 2014 and I miss Cleveland and Ohio every day

  • So inspiring!

  • Revit helps me keep glue off my fingers.

  • Foam core will kill an exacto blade much quicker than you think it will. make sure to have extras on hand if you plan to do this yourself.

  • Hello from Yorkton, Saskatchewan, Canada. Thanks for sharing your great video’s please keep them coming.

  • "Please excuse the crudity of this model..."

  • Yesssss! FABHouse is a great idea.

  • Nice, thanks. You should 3D print yourself for it :)

  • When hes going on and on about Cleveland, all i can think about is that 30 Rock episode where Liz visits Cleveland with Jason Sudekis

  • :D

  • Adam gets his cameraman back! Don't have just love science?!💉

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  • As much as I enjoy high quality content, the covid-era one day builds have a personality to them that is lost with a professional crew. It feels more scripted and gives me a HGTV vibe where as the solo-vlog style was personal and intimate. I know it's probably better for advertisers/partners/clients who care about things "looking professional" but youtube is driven by creator personality. If we wanted a netflix cooking show, we could go there. That's not to say that it's not informative or entertaining, but I feel less relaxed when its not a continuous flow. Almost like if I look away I'll miss some editing bit or B-roll that doesn't have the usual 'live' cues like "let me get you closer to see"

  • Watching this inspired me to make a cardboard mock-up of my childhood home. Just emailed the contracting company that built it to see if I can acquire some interior/exterior measurements. Fingers crossed haha

  • I'll use my brain instead.

  • One thing apparent in this video is that Mr. Savage is not afraid to use his workbench for it's intended purpose. The bench is a work of art itself, but it's true value is in the way it provides a flat, stable, versatile worksurface for a wide variety of tasks. Too often we see beautiful workbenches maintained in pristine condition because they are barely used. Like many things that occurred during the recent space/time anomaly, I can't remember when Mr. Klein delivered the bench, but it's clear that it has been used daily and shows the scratches, paint stains, dings, and gouges that prove it is being used in a real workshop rather than a museum. Why are you reading this...and why am I writing it?...get out in the shop and create something!

  • Hey Adam have you ever done a flite test foam core rc plane If not i feel that could be a pretty cool one day build.

  • im a landscape designer and we had to learn making models with foam core, your right its great for feeling a space and proportions.. but the architect who taught us and the landscape design lecturer hated the word "flow" lmao, because it doesnt really mean anything. do you mean movement through a space, transition etc... they banned us so that we had to learn to explain our thoughts and feelings about space clearly.

  • With you Adam. Been doing it all my adult life. I am lucky in that I can visualise stuff in my head but I like building 3d stuff. Now got my son and wife doing it. My wife's mum died a few years ago so my son and I gave her a starter kit of her mum's house as a Christmas gift. She completed it and did all the garden and interior. Helped her a lot to get over her loss😊😊

  • Your camera settings are wrong. All the whites are blown out.


  • Check this out Adam.. Remember.. 357


  • "Crap, is that too big!? No, wait it's fine. wait! it is too big! Oh nevermind, I'm good... " ~ Adam. ~also me, every 2 min during a project. I'm not alone!! Haha

  • To what you said in the video lol I do often talk at the screen, and often enough you normally address what I had just said not long after. I'm glad its a two way street of thinking thats amusing how that lines up.

  • Adam doing a ESB Boba fett helmet paintjob with the Archive X acrylics would be a crazy good video! I'm in the process of doing that myself

  • Incredible work! Out of curiosity, have you ever tried to using metric?

  • Aw man, I much prefer the lockdown-style videos for these builds! No jumpy zooms, no floaty shots, no excessive editing... Just straight talking and building is all we need!

  • Anyone else miss the iPhone camera based One Day Builds? Especially with the excessive zoom ins/outs and handheld camera work here? It's headache inducing.

  • Have you ever created a fully functional firearm capable of firing a live round ?

  • Has Adam tried using disposable scalpels for cutting? I used them in art school. And they stayed sharp for a long time.

  • The Cleveland love, it definitely makes me smile

  • I found the plans to the house I grew up in online and so want to do this

  • Oh God! This takes me back! I took a set design class in college as part of my theater degree and my final was to create models for all of the sets in a play called Galileo. The whole thing had to be out of foam core and we had to make it a very specific scale. I got an a, but not without spending all night working on it.

  • Motorized feed hot glue gun:

  • When you proposed a glue gun with a set speed, I immediately thought of 3D Pens. Maybe look into that? Are there any that can print in PVA?

  • The foamcore models are by far my favorite

  • I think one of the more encouraging points: 'don't be too careful'.

  • I've made floor plans for each of the last three homes I've moved into - really helped make the move and set up easier! Oh - it would be interesting to have a tour of your workroom!

  • If you need a 3D foam model to understand a room where a floor plan won't do, you might be autistic.

  • Note to the camera man; TRIPOD man! Try out a TRIPOD! The constant shifting of hand filming, zooming in and out, “artsy” shots and overly blurred background & “mood lighting” is NOT enjoyable. I miss the Covid era “shot by adam on an iPhone alone in the shop” cinematography way more than what’s been rolling out all of a sudden. The seasickness is real!

  • Is anyone else not a fan of the "new" camera? I don't know, it feels like these videos have lost some of their "crazy Adam" Flair?? Its very "pristine"

  • LOVE these

  • It's going to take a while to get used to professionally filmed Adam after over a year of solo Adam. I know the footage is better this way, and more importantly, it's much easier on Adam, but I'm kind of going to miss little silly moments of the lockdown videos.

    • It's not better this way. Just because the camera person is paid does not make them a pro. Adam was far better setting up the shots himself. No unnecessary zooming or shaky handheld work. If they "need" to go hand held, at least get a stabilizer or steadicam rig so it doesn't induce motion sickness. Better than all the zooming would be multiple cameras set up for each function. one over the bench for close ups of the work, another framing Adam and the bench and maybe a hand held for specific shots.

  • What's that wristband that he wears? What's it's purpose

  • maybe consider the viewers with headphones and the screech of the table saw

  • Can you do a experiment for me? Can you waterproof a drone attach a radio antenna to it and fly it in a storm to see if you can attract lighting and direct it in a meaningful direction, then get a few drone and see if you can create a chain reaction, thx where is the guy with that hat? Ask him for help? Good luck, if you choose to accept this mission!

  • I still can’t wrap my head around the math’s of scaling

  • How do you wrap your head around building a scale item in ft and inches? My brain just can't

  • For my "Intro to Scenography" I had to design and model a set for "A Streetcar Named Desire" and for some reason was ADAMANT that it have a spiral staircase that I had to build... what a paint in the butt. I tried to hide my sins with metallic paint...

  • I hate walls.

  • 10:28 what about once and for all starting with the metric number system? :D :D

  • You Americans and your imperial measurments, you do my head in.

  • Could you just film everything for VR? Just because I like the bliss of a tripod instead of a bucket… 😊

  • Honestly I really preferred it when it was just Adam in the shop by himself setting up the camera in static positions. It felt a lot more intimate and a lot less motion sickness-y. Bonehead here with random zooms and panning too late to see what Adam is talking about is just giving me the sh*ts.

  • I really preferred the solo camera work. Like, a LOT. This felt like there was a creeper watching you but you were okay with it. The camera is really wobbly and I just really preferred the homemade vibe.

  • I made architectural models as a side gig to pay for my last 2 years of college. I'm an architect and appreciate models a lot but I'm happy I don't need to build them as my main income anymore.

  • Not sure what is up but ever since they started shooting on something other than a phone again, all the whites are massively over exposed. They surely have enough light in the space, so it's not like they are boosting brightness in post to compensate for that. It's kind of annoying when he's working on something and we can't actually see it because the surface is white. (foam core, paper, the material that sits in the dental vacuum former, etc)

  • Building this model looks really easy. I will definitly do a model of my flat

  • When I build foamcore I use PVA glue. It gives me a lot of time to reflect on what I'm building, and sometimes I catch mistakes two minutes after putting things together and can still save it.

  • Cool

  • Yay for Cleveland! To me as a maker, it makes a lot of sense that my city is beginning to have so many maker opportunities and resources like Fab House and the Think Box at Case. As Adam mentioned, the philosophy of making and the maker community embodies so much of what makes Cleveland itself - innovation and problem-solving in a constantly changing place with diverse communities.

  • I've seen you playing games on VR goggles. You do know they make architectural rendering software for VR goggles, right?

  • A lot of overblown white stuff for a video that's shot by someone else. I prefer when it was shot with IPhone. Much more focus on the work than the talking head.

  • This guy has the most nasty fingernails on NOlong. Yes he works on stuff. But that doesn’t mean you can’t wash your fingernails.

  • I'm over here using a scale ruler like a novice! Nice video!

  • Adam's 5'11"-does he think he has to duck under doors whenever he's got shoes on?

  • watching this makes me want to go buy some foam board. LOL -- although cardboard might just work.... need a good straight edge. and a cutting surface.

  • I have watched all one day builds!!! Mwahahahahaha!! 😈😈

  • I love how you mention that models can be very useful for discussing an interior space - we did the same thing at my old job when trying to find a way to fit two extra desks into the same room. We made rough mockups with paper cutouts, and then verified our proposals would fit with a digital model based off accurate measurements. It was very helpful to be able to see it all like that.

  • Adam, I love you and your channel, and this is a great charity that you are a part of. Having said that, I can't watch you use a table saw. This is not the first video that I have seen you pushing narrow things through with no push stick. No guard, splitter and pushing something 4 inches wide with your bare hand is a recipe for losing a digit or two. Even foam can bind, especially when stacked, and kickback and your fingers will go right into the blade if your fingers are next to, or beyond the blade. In case you need proof, this is a sobering demonstration. I hope you continue to have good luck and keep all of your fingers.

  • I've done a lot of wargame terrain way back, but nothing this precise

  • Well Adam, We thinks, it's time to you made a model of the Overlook Hotel.

  • Thanks for all you do man sometime I get a lil down and out it the little things in life so thanks buddy

  • I Wish Adam Read these comments because i'd love to show him a few foamcore tricks (I used to work almost solely in foamcore doing handmade displays for Tower Records Philadelphia for 12 years) (Mostly cutting a thin wedge out of the inside of a corner so you can Fold the foamcore and not have a seam, or putting the exacto blade down and pushing the foamcore ThrougH it instead of moving the blade which wears out the tip, or scoring the inside gently with lot of cuts to create a curved wall (inside cuts not outside)) etc.

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  • Video looks really blown out with white, can't see any of the detail

  • I am an interior design student from Belgium, we learn to use woodglue for scale builds. It gives a stronger bond and there is no danger of melting the foamcore. (using a scaling ruler is also realy helpful)

  • Try watching this at 2x speed and just listen to him.

  • Please consider 3D modeling it as a learniing project for use in the FabHouse. This could easily be followed up with 3D printing the structure with teams for each room and pieces of furniture.

  • Dude, the "house" you grew up my country that would be called a Mansion.

  • Anyone ever watch that tuber who does this with real building materials. Like, actual steel reinforced concrete models.

  • How long in real-time does something like this take Adam to build? I know if someone like him who has plenty of knowledge and experience takes 5 hours, it would take twice as long for a novice like me.

  • Visiting the Maker's Spaces was one of my favorite series by you. I hope it's going to be something you continue to do in the future, after the cough-pocalypse.

  • Adam I hope every now and then you can give us 1 on 1 cell phone recording. Kinda miss that already. It felt more personal and educational.

  • I totally understand why Adam does this, when I was buying an apartment I did a similar thing but because I'm predominantly a digital maker I remade the apartment I was interested in as a 3D model that I then imported into a VR space so I could get a feel for what it would be like living there. I also made a heap of furniture that I could pick up and move around in VR so I could see how it would feel when it was furnished. It also helped with what renovations I wanted to do after I bought the place.

  • Architect here. After finally being able to relate to the topic and the low level of complexity shown in that build (because anything else on this channel is waaay over my patience and skill level and just leaves me admiring you guys), things took a few turns that were new to me: First one was using a saw on foamcore (we use cutters but with longer rulers and much bigger cutting mats). Same with hot glue or CA glue: We usually use regular, slow drying glue or just steel needles with tiny flat heads used for stiching up unsewn clothes. The latter ones have the advantage that you can remodel certain parts without ruining the bits you want to keep. Or recycle parts of your model although the foamcore doesn't age well under sunlight. Probably the biggest take away was your statement on the level of precision needed vs. the one usually put into these models. I try to keep that in mind for my next model. Keep up the good work, the sharing of knowledge, the storytelling and last but not least your overflowing, contagious positivity!