Ask Adam Savage: Why Waterslide Wipeout Was Less Fun Than It Looked

Publisert 21. mai. 2021
Tested member Mark Burban wondered, "I've always wondered if the MythBusters crew at large (ie cameramen etc) ever got to experience some of the more fun myths tested; ie, giant waterslide or wakeboarding with heavy machinery." Adam's answer takes him down memory lane to a shoot that was a lot less fun than it looked -- for him, anyway. Join this channel to support Tested and get access to perks, like asking Adam a question:

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  • Join this channel to support Tested and get access to perks, like asking Adam a question: Watch Waterslide Wipeout on DiscoveryPlus:

    • Whats the most painful thing you experienced on the show?

    • OK I think we all now want to see the superman slide action, sounds terrifyingly hilarious, and terrifying.

    • Adam, please don’t tease us with the waterslide DVD.

    • @Morg Ellon I bit on the link for the D+ but alas it's not there unless you sign up with D+. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to use my imagination.

    • Doubt Adam will actually see this, but if he does regular forearm and grip workouts, he’ll never wear that band at his elbow again. I fought that pain for years until I started working my forearms out. Pain completely gone.

  • There is no video of them on slide, please move along.

  • Dont go down the slide or youll loose your workers comp! *wink wink nudge nudge*

  • Dumb!!!

  • Adam maybe you should have tried one of those thin life jackets for a buoyancy aid then it might not have hurt so much and see if it affects the results

  • Please realise that footage, would love to see it

  • We NEED to see that old dvd footage

  • Watchin the footage now. Dude you could have been seriously hurt.

  • I want their insurance company

  • Gold country may have been fools gold

  • Insurance companies are the biggest pussies and fun police on a planet they ruin everything

  • Adam Savage is a nincompoop that has lost touch with reality. 🤔

  • "not cover by workmans comp if you go down the slide!". ....what if they 'accidentally fall' down the slide while deconstructing it?

  • i know we will probably never see it but i would LOVE to see that Raw Footage

  • I still think the best part about that one was the roll of tape.

  • Let's be real here...who wouldn't go down that

  • Who else wants to see the video of the crew using the waterslide?

  • Also please find that footage! We would love it!

  • I'll pay $100 for that footage right now

  • Adam: no one would set this up hoping it would work. *music plays* *in walks in all the southern countries.*

  • That man got to experience the dream of flight and the nightmare that wakes you up at the same time.

  • If that whole business with Adam telling them in “official” capacity not to go down the water slide and then them filming themselves going down the water slide had been filmed professionally, I could very well imagine it edited together for the comedic value. ADAM: Now, as your employer, it would be irresponsible for me to say anything other than “don’t go down the water slide before you dismantle it, okay?” CREW: “Sure thing boss. We understand completely!” ADAM and JAMIE walking to their cars before leaving. JAMIE: “You realize of course they’re going to do it.” ADAM: “Well I know I would.” Spongebob title card: A FEW MOMENTS LATER....

  • Please resize your watch band, it’s driving me crazy :)

  • I don’t know if anyone that’s not a video editor would notice this. But no cuts, excellent video.

  • Yawn...

  • I have worked on set behind the camera on a bunch of cool AF locations but it really is depressing how little the crew get to play around after shooting is over. Theres simply too much to do or we have to clear up and get out too quickly. That said I got to ride a a 100mph zipline over a disused quarry in north wales a few times. I was standing in of a presenter who had to be off filming elsewhere (really tight filming schedule) for drone shots and a couple of go-pro setups. Everyone rides the biplane in a red boiler suit and rock climbing helmet so we just had to be sure the framing didn't catch my face on the way down. One of my better days filming if I'm honest, can't believe no one else wanted to do it.

  • release the footage. we all wanna see it

  • Why don't you start out by showing you the clip that you are referring to? A lot of people will have this suggested to them and they will not have been following the channel or, believe it or not, they will not have already seen it.

  • I've come to realize that Adam Savage is really Col. Arlen Sanders.

  • The bewildered iraq uniquely suppose because insect jointly flap apud a barbarous grease. guttural H habitual, cultured beautician

  • Per closed captioning, you were given a 'Gipper' like pep talk by a stunt coordinator called "Nick Cliche'"

  • I loved that episode

  • I can't imagine what it's like to be so worried about safety. I get it but at what point do OSHA and insurance literally rule your life? In America we are not supposed to have dictators.

  • Just like having kids. You aren't really telling them "don't do this" you're telling them "if you get hurt, you were warned"

  • "Hey everyone DO not GO DOWN THE SLIDE. If you GO DOWN THE SLIDE we cannot cover you insurance wise. YES IT might as look as if it IS FUN, but don't DO IT!"

  • Why slide down to test the slide, and not a weighted dummy like they used on everything else

  • Evel Knievel busted that myth long ago 😂

  • 12 mins of yammer and stammer but no slide.

  • Ah video obviously!

  • I bet I know where you got the Rubber Fetish suits!

  • 49° would be fucking hot bro! Did you say "4-9°" fast or something?

  • whats he got strapped to his arm here?

  • Every time Adam talks about Mythbusters I think of Grant. It is so sad that we lost him at such a young age.

  • It sounds like you had a concussion

  • Or, like circus cannoneers, like NTSA testers, you can test with properly weighted dummies

  • I'm picturing a soaking wet crew dismantling the slide.

  • If I was a crew member, there's no chance I would leave without going down that slide a few times 😅

  • We need a Mythbusters/Jackass mashup where Adam and Jamie engineer ridiculous contraptions that are actually safe

  • Then they went on to open California's most successful waterslide company. 🤣

    • So good, Napoleon showed up in a time machine to ride them.


  • One of the reasons I love the Mythbusters. Is they found a crazy video clearly made with VFX and found a way to make the crazy thing, in the crazy video IRL.

  • I loved watching mythbusters and I am glad you have a NOlong channel. You and Jamie were fun to watch.

  • Adam: I think I got this Life: Hold my beer Adam: Uh Oh......

  • I can GAURUNTEEEEE as a teenager (cough* also right now) I would have been WAITING for ya'll to leave to I could yeet myself off that thing lol

  • Love Jamie's ghost in the background!

  • I will become a teir 500 sub if you guys simply edit in still photos of the episode during these mb stories

  • Does Adam still have a long piece of my Track from our participation in the Toy Car vs Real Car myth? (Part of the 'Is Yawning Contagious' episode)

    • Man, screw you - just *reading* that last sentence made me yawn 😝

  • I have always wondered if it would be possible to set up a version of that slide as an amusement ride (that insurance companies would be ok with). I would be really interested in the potential safety concerns if it is not.

  • This probably will get buried but a friend of mine got the fire helmet from one of your episodes, apparently it was going to get thrown out so she got it

  • I would love to have been a fly on the wall listening to the person procuring items and explaining to the comptroller why the fetish latex suits were necessary.

  • Ya sounds horrible..... untill you get your check.

  • Clearly, Adam no longer gets out much. People do all sorts of weird and crazy and sometimes outright impressive things "with the hope that it works out". Usually it begins with the phrase "HAY, Y'ALL, WATCH THIS!" and most of the time ends with a trip to the ER (or worse).

  • All these years I've always been so confused why no one thought to test how lethal hitting the pool would would be. The ability to actually hit the target is a moot point. Impact with the pool would be instant death anyway.

  • The dangerous point nutritionally itch because word physiologically shiver against a defiant numeric. fancy, invincible bassoon

  • No truer words ever were spoke, "we never infact have this, "down."

  • Since y’all had to slowly work your way up the slide for insurance purposes you’ll should have done the math to see how far you would have gone at each starting point and see how accurate you would’ve been.

  • Obviously you needed to control the sliding variables more. It needs rifling so you're spinning on the way out of the ba... err out of the slide. That'll make the fall more comfortable.

  • So I watched the entire video waiting to see a clip from the show and all it is is Adam talking. Bummer dude Outa here man

  • Adam- "I've got this down! Life- "LOL no."

  • Adam: No one would surely do this for real in the hope that it works... Oh Adam. Naïve innocent Adam! How long have you been on the internet? Could think of numerous items like Tide pods. Humans are "What's the worse thing that could happen?" and then do it.

  • Please share that raw footage!!

  • but were is the waterslide ?

  • This guy will be dead 100 years and if he could he will still be saying ""Blah blah "Mythbusters" blah blah blah!""

  • Why not send Buster down for the first few tries?


  • I got it on film but you can't see it....

  • When Mythbusters do a barbecues, safety is inevitably an issue ;-)

  • Please please please please post the footage of that if you can find it I'd love to see that

  • i would pay to see that footage!

  • His take on doing his own stunts over his given career is like that of Obi-Wan Kenobi's impression of flying giving his line of work in the universe that he exists within.

  • _Nothing about this looks fun, especially when you can't swim. Just imagine how high you'll fly in the air and hit the ground, feeling like you just landed in concrete, oh god the pain. ☠️_

  • Loved the show.

  • I am surprised, that nick did let you do an other take after you had the headache. Could have been a concussion.

  • Absolutely MUST release that "terrible sony camera" footage. We need to see Don go superman down that monstrous slide.

  • We as humans have a distinct trait that pushes us to do what we're told not to do. Slides cool and all but telling someone not to do it? That just raised the "I'm gunna do it " factor lol

  • "Nah, we've been here all day, let's clock out and do it tomorrow. Ok, let's do that. What's for entertainment for this evening? Hey look, I found a water slide! ..."

  • Love your stories Adam. Thanks for sharing that pep talk.

  • "No one would do this for real, and just hope it works!" - Yes Adam, yes they would.

  • I've heard Adam say how much the waterslide sucked, on multiple occasions. Starting to think there's something to it xD

  • Adam - you're a great story teller! Totally enjoyed that! 😊 And... no, if I was in the crew, there's no way I'd have missed the chance to go on that slide either. 😁

  • You can see at 5:34 how he stops, all the flashbacks rush in a second, he sighs thinking "what a day" both interesting as a memory but mostly tiring in reality, and recovers himself splendidly.

  • I just want to know what happened to the guy at the door.

  • Omg thank you for sharing this Adam I remember being a kid watching that show with my family and all of us like 😱😱😱😱😱😱 made a great family memoriey for me sooo much respect for ya 💪💪💪💪🔥🔥

  • Id really love to learn more about adam prior to and outside of myth busters. Like tell us about your car, your past times etc Not that I dont appreciate these haha :)

  • I do a lot of things with the "hope it works" ethic

  • I totally forgot about that original water slide vid.

  • Why is youtube recommending this didn't he have unconsensual sex with a relative

    • I think that was a load of bs, like I haven’t seen any evidence from either side of the issue

  • i would 100% go down that slide

  • idk but Adam seems like a decent boss to work for.

  • "OK, boss. You've done the CYA speech, so are you leaving now? Seems a shame to not give it a go before we tear it down!"