HTC Vive Pro 2 VR Headset Review!

Publisert 3. juni. 2021
We test and review the HTC Vive Pro 2, the latest desktop virtual reality headset from HTC. Norm evaluates the high-resolution display panel and optics choices made for this headset, and how they compare with alternatives like the Valve Index and HP Reverb G2. Does the image quality justify the high price tag?

HTC Vive Pro 2:

Shot and edited by Norman Chan

Disclosure: this product was provided by the manufacturer for purposes of review.

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  • Thanks!

  • Hey Norm/anyone in general, as someone who hasn't upgraded their headset since the original Vive (since 2017). Would it be a worthwhile upgrade for me to move to the Vive Pro 2 Headset on it's own? (so no kit included) I love VR but the OG vive resolution is showing it's age, so I am looking for a new headset to upgrade to for better resolution :) I also have Valve Index Controllers, moved to them in 2019 when my HTC wands broke lol.

  • What a crap improvement from htc..

  • Controllers and the price are an embarrassment.

  • Love your reviews, keep them coming!

  • Industry normally spende $50k+ on HMDs as a full kit. Working in these industries, the VP2 with a A6000 Gpu with a Xeon cpu combo is now under $15k. Everyone in the office has a VP2 or a VPeye. If $300 stops someone from getting the best available HMD, then they probably don't fit the end user client.

  • So this headset you have the best tracking, best controllers if upgrade to Knuckles, have option to go wireless (more $), plus all the options or most that one could use with the Vive Pro, plus kick ass resolution and option to use 120hz. I have a Vive, Vive Pro and Samsung Odyssey +. The tracking is horrible in WMR, software to use that headset, WMR, sucks, best just to use Steam or jump into it but worst is how cheap/toy like the Odyssey + felt and looked (display was fine). The sit down review vice more active, in game comparisons, action makes me think we lost you for reviews and you have lost interest in really digging into the details. The excitement and enthusiasm dimming into criticism on not having some magical device that doesn't copy anything prior to it I think is really missing the point of the VP2. For the professional, moving from one to the next will be transparent with all the benefits of the most important aspect for professional uses, the resolution, clarity and maybe the higher refresh rate for longer wear periods with less downsides (sickness) of being in VR.

  • Awesome review. I highly rate your integrity and know how. Subbed

  • Be great if there were more good games for VR! this is like buying a car that has no wheels. now half-life Alyx.. that's a wheel! I wouldn't buy a new system just to play the same games that play just fine on what i have.

  • The comments about the sweetspot clarity are spot on. The screen is VERY impressive but I cannot get over how much I find myself readjusting the strap and Hmd to regain that perfect spot. I'm going to try the headset out for the rest of the week and see if it improves, but so far it has been glaring issue for me and I may return it

  • Just got my Vive Pro 2 as upgrade to my Pro 1. We can all focus on eveything that does not match out expectations, but creating VR hardware is very hard and especially to get every variables right. The fact that we have come to the point that screendoor effect is a thing from the past is a major milestone. And believe me, it’s gone. That is worth my 800 bugs.

  • Thank you so much for the reviews but HTC Vive VR Headsets is boring still look old with the controller also lack al lot of things, still not wireless included you need to buy an ugly project like wireless adapter, am so sad they don't upgrade everything and am so disappointing also thr price increases a lot higher even still got a lot of cheap things like microphone, face cover, old big and bulky controllers

  • Great review Norm, i appreciate that you're 100% honest about its pros and cons. Its hard to find out that will openly state both... they're usually glorified ads these days. Thank you!

  • "hands down the worst controllers" LOL... Our steam group members voted. Vive and Quest will continue to lose to the Valve Index until they build better controllers then the Index Controllers.

  • Good headset. I bought one because it has the best combination of resolution, tracking, and optics.

  • Reach out to Varjo and review the Varjo Vr-3 Norm.

  • I think we're going to see stagnation in the development of pcvr headsets. Our current systems can't even fully utilize these current headsets. They've come as far as they can go at the moment so developing and building even more demanding HMDs seems a waste if time and money for these companies. Pcvr is still way to niche to make it viable. The only company capable now of pushing the envelope is Oculus, but how much do they care about a niche market like pcvr? Time will tell

  • I was very happy with the vive and then the vive pro, and then the g2 and feel confident I will be very happy with the vive pro 2. never had any issuses with htc hardware at all. But having to deal with wmr is not great and I miss the vive wands and the light house tracking when using the G2. Index is not avalable in my country. Probably due to the mandatory 5 year warrenty on all consumer hardware in Norway.

  • Great informative review. Thank you

  • Reviews are bs! No one person will have the same experience as another, we just have your experience. I hated the OG vive when I first got it, did the lens mod and whoa it blew me away. Loved the index,friends didn't like it, I hate the pimax, it's considered one of the best, the vive pro with lens mod imo beats all hands down, ya get where I'm going,? You can't base your experience on anyone else's and you already know the specs......

  • you forgot to mention, its like wearing a winter hat. Its damn hot!!! Im returning mine.

  • Awesome.. Tunnel Vision being advertised in 2021... and this is how VR will become another gimmick and die... Both Quest 2 and Reverb G2 are abysmal for their FOV... At least Pimax TRIED and keeps trying to give us a view without HORSE-GLASSES as does Vive pro 2... I don't think there is a perfect VR headset and the Quest 2 least of them... (I have the Quest 2, Vive pro and the Reverb G2 and so far, I tend to use the Vive Pro a lot more then any other. Probably that's because of the GearVR lens mod + index controllers + Wireless Adapter ?!) Looking forward to get the Vive Pro 2 and I am sure it will be very awesome!

  • Had the original Vive at launch and loved it until I got my Index. I was so looking forward to getting a proper upgrade but.. For now I'm sticking with my Index.

  • Heya Norman, you should have your own channel. Tbh I don't have any interest for all the Adam's stuff.

  • Still waiting for mine *cries in none-big influencer*

  • I just wan't an Index 2, kinda disappointed with the Pro 2 honestly, especially the audio.

  • Comon bro hp reverb as trash controlers / trash FOV / hard to compare it to this htc vive pro 2

  • SOld my OG Vive today. Really looking for an upgrade. Pre-Ordered the Vive Pro 2. Hope its awesome!

  • thanks for the review! lots to think about before buying this

  • Hey I was wondering if you all wanted to do a review on my Varjo vr-3 headset

  • I believe this was their move to update the Vive Pro to have a replacement/upgrade unit for their corporate customers. Doesn't make it less of a small incremental advancement, but I get it that they did it fairly quick with a small budget.

  • Keep in mind you will need a Displayport 1.4 compliant GPU to access the higher resolutions and framerates on this headset.

  • Man i just really wish i could afford VR tech. I think it's super cool and I can't wait for it to drop in price and gain increasing popularity!

  • You just talked about what it could do! I want to SEEEEEEEEE

  • Out of all vr reviews i watched, this one is the best

  • I’ve a 3070 + OG Vive with audio strap and Google lens mod and have been looking to upgrade, but this is currently too much. Will wait for a price decrease, cheers for the vid.

  • Where’s Adam

  • I have this headset on pre-order. Currently using a Valve index. Norm. If the price was exactly the same for the Index the G2 and the Vive Pro 2 and you already had a 3090 graphics card and index controllers and base stations which headset would you go with?

    • got with vp2 it shits on the g2 in every aspect apart from res wich are identical,and is a huge bump in res from index,i had all of them upgrading from index for me was like going from 1080p to 4k on monitors clarity wise

    • so what do you think?

  • As a vive pro owner and as an aussie how difficult and expensive it is to get something like a valve index down here, I think I'm still gonna upgrade to the vive pro 2 the resolution seems good enough for me to feel it's worth it but I understand it definitely won't be for everyone

  • This is the most legit HP Reverb G2 review I've ever seen, I'm definitely about to head over to the HP site and put one in the cart, I need an extra headset in my studio THANKS!!!!

    • It’s a vive not really pro 2 review

  • I have the Vive with a wireless kit, so this is definitely more attractive to me than the Index. But I do want the Index controllers.

    • But you can use the Index controllers with the Vive 🤷‍♂️

  • Money saved for me then, hopefully we don't have to wait too long for something else that's more innovative and worth to upgrade to.

    • @Mixed Reality Sim Racing it's not too big of a hassle, it'll be pretty much the same process as using the knuckles with a quest 2 (

    • @PigsFly465 definitely looks interesting, I've pre order the deca move. But not sure if I would like the possible hassle of mixing inside out tracking with lighthouses.

    • I might look into the decagear1 headset if you don't mind it being inside out tracked (still compatible with lighthouse tracked things and you can use index controllers with it)

  • Thank you Norm great review. I will keep my G2

  • Norm, another comprehensive review. Thanks.

  • Pretty much not many reasons to buy it since I’ve already got a Index. Just going to keep waiting for the Index 2 in a year or two.

  • I'm so happy to be free of HTC and my vive

  • Thank you so much for your unbiased review. I truly appreciate how thorough your reviews are and will always turn to you at the end of the day for an honest review. Thank you again, Norm!

  • I really think HTC is stuck, they are marketing to the business market because they simply can't compete in the consumer market, and even in the business market, the only reason anyone in the business world would go for this over "consumer" models is pretty much due to lack of research. They just don't have the resources like you said.. As a consumer there's little reason to buy this over the Index given the controllers, or G2 given the res, and as a consumer, Quest 2s and Index owner, I'm even finding it hard to recommend the Index to any friends who ask me about getting into VR just because of how unfairly Facebook has priced their headsets (clearly subsidised in order to accelerate adoption / drown out competitors), and the extra features it has (being able to use the headset without a PC is a huge plus, not only for gaming but other uses, in the age of travelling coming with mandatory hotel quarantine, this is an amazing device to have with you), not to mention airlink that allows for easy to set up wireless PCVR experience. I dislike Facebook as much as the next person, and I really hope Valve will spend some of those knife crate monies and give Oculus a run for their money on the mobile-pc-hybrid HMD market, right now, Facebook is dominating, they deserve it due to how much they accelerated adoption (and the techology, probably thanks to Carmack), but I don't like the trend I'm seeing.

    • I have an index and been looking to replace it for over a year now. Ordered the Vive Pro 2 since it can use my 2.0 basestations, index controllers and take advantage of the 3090 I have. Even though it isn't the biggest leap in improvements, who would buy an index now? It is two years old and has much less resolution. Probably nobody should buy the Vive Pro 2 full kit foe 1400. Just buy the vive pro 2 headset and then order the basestations and index controllers from valve to use with it.

  • To all you people complaining, HTC are the only ones that are taking high end VR seriously. Those of you going on about price, consider that HTC aren't locking you into anything or doing what Facebook are doing with logins and data mining, that's already worth paying a premium. Then again, people complain saying they dont get much for the price and want more tech for less, well if they added in wireless right into the HMD and let's say eye tracking you are probably then looking at $2000+ for a full package and $1000 or more for headset only then again you'd complain about price cos its out of the hands of many consumers. $700 as an upgrade option for people who already have base stations and controllers for a HMD with screen door eliminated, higher refresh rate, bigger fov, better brighter and more colourful rich panel.and higher res so when you do get your hands on better GPUs and they become Cheaper, you'll be rendering in the native resolution or close to it for a great VR experience. Yes price may be steep for some but it's probably in our interests to support HTCs efforts or we may not even have high end VR for much longer and progress and development will stop and it will seriously set back the consumer/prosumer VR segment. Even if incremental improvements over time while still being affordable enough, the VP2 is a good option for many existing users. If they fully went business because nobodys buying HMDs like the VP2 then you wont have many options moving forward. Lower end consumer VR is basically Quest now. There aren't that many companies making higher end HMDs that are still affordable. Other companies may come in at some point but you never know what could happen in an already niche space. If you are a VR enthusiast and into high end PCVR then might he an idea to support HTC. Specially if coming from a Vive 1 then you only need the HMD only and you'll have a way more improved experience.

    • @Mixed Reality Sim Racing Are you dumb? We are talking about what is available now and who is actively releasing hardware? You cant buy yet whatever future HMD Valve or others may bring out so we can only look at who is doing stuff right now. There is nothing else announced as others which means no concrete release dates or if any product will even come. We cant deal im hypothetical scenario and fantasy LMAO, come on dude!

    • Everyone has its development cycle and they are for sure working on something in the background. What ever happened in the last two weeks you can remember isn't the benchmark of what's going on in the industry

    • Weird logic you have, there could have been something new from someone else every year but because you say only today counts and only vive did something yesterday they are the only company doing something lately, that's just weird logic

    • @RyanX just because you choose the point of measurement lol, half a year ago Vive didn't do anything in 2 years

    • @Mixed Reality Sim Racing Well Valve aren't really doing or done anything since have they? So not sure what you are on about. We are talking about right now.

  • The only reason I'm not picking up a G2 is because of the lack of lighthouse tracking support even as an option (short of a mod that might not work for some people). With this in mind, the Pro 2 is my only option. A shame, but it is what it is.

    • just got my vp2.its amazing this dude wears glasses and plays it on a 2070,like wtf but if you have a good gpu and you aint half blind this is perfect specially with the 6mm foam i had the g2 and in the fov and tracking aspect it shits on it from a mile away they aint even close.

  • Absolute excellent review. Thank you very much. Subscribed 👍

  • so, is there a better alternative to this VR glasses or not?

    • @RyanX and that's perfectly fine, I have more to complain about the wrong "facts" and weird logic you use to tell anyone only your opinion is right than I have issues with the VP2 itself. For me personally it's just not innovative enough and the review results not good enough for the hefty price and I rather wait for something else. Of course coming from a first gen headset makes the upgrade more appealing than already having upgraded before.

    • @Mixed Reality Sim Racing Nobody is telling you to buy. Keep your Index. I'm moving up from an OG Vive and will gladly buy a VP2 over an Index. I dont the like screen door effect and the higher resolution is also important. With SDE gone, that's a game changer for me, if you are ok with having SDE in 2021 then thats up to you.

    • @RyanX check what people got as results for the FOVs, for example in the review you are commenting on it was bad, far away from specs and worse than the index as in some other reviews as well. Even in the reviews where it was measured the highest it didn't meet specs and was just a bit higher horizontally than the index while being significantly lower vertically which won't make it far better in total as you put it in any case ever reviewed.

    • @Mixed Reality Sim Racing The Index has a worse FOV that cannot even be disputed..VP2 has a better display, screen door gone, you are without doubt getting a worse display that's not even debatable. Then you got no wireless support if that's important to you. Rather choose the VP2 over the Index all day long. Why would i downgrade to a worse display? That's kinda dumb.

    • @RyanX please get your "facts" right first! The Index has higher refresh rate with up to 144 and more options as well as it can do 80, 90, 120 and 144. The overall fov is not bigger on the pro 2, it's just different in the best cases and for a couple of testers even smaller. For example the vertical fov is much higher on the index. The index also has better speakers, microphone, eye relief adjustment, sweet spot and is cheaper. The only thing the pro 2 is really better is pixel density and resolution but seems to be hindered by not optimal lenses with small sweet spot and some say overall blurriness compared to a G2.

  • Not really a breakdown review, more of a feels review...

  • HTC gave me another reason to upgrade to Valve Index HMD

    • I would say index now have good: * mic * audio * comfort if you switch to vrcover & do a counter weight (2 mods) + it weights almost 1 kg while Pro is ligther & already balanced I didn't try VP2 yet but believe Index has better sweetspot & lenses clarity but some reviews say they have index like clarity & edge to edge clear screens, so it might be a good for VP2 * Performnce - atm index & vive pro 1 have best in class performance with great motion smoothing, if VP2 manages to fix to the same level performance (with the same resollutions as reference) as Vive Pro 1 it will be a win but atm VP2 has issue with firmware What worse: * poor screens (they good & still good onces but after quest2/8kx/G2 & now VP2 you won't want to go back to it) * less H FOV (if you manage your eye relief properly) but index has bigger V FOV but not by a big marging, so it's subjective * colours & contrast is worse * artifacts (vertical lines & aliasing) is worse * its heavier * glue around the lenses makes it sometimes harder to clean the lenses So the screen is biggest downside of Index & it's main point (visuals) for VR. Im not satisfied with Index anymore

    • @EVOLICIOUS It is 100% a downgrade what are you talking about?

    • @EVOLICIOUS Index has own strong sides & motion smoothing there is very good, but considering it's outdated screen (I can't use it for working in VR, I can use Quest 2 though & VP2 displays close to G2 & better than 8kX while 8kX is better than Quest 2) So it's an upgrade, if you can't fix audio issues with mods it's your problem. But for me I don't mind mods & if HMD can offer better visuals & much better screens (Index always suffered from vertical lines jitter/ripple even after all those years column correction fixes, it's now almost gone but it's so bothering when you turn your head & on bright spots see this vertical lines ripple) Also index has quite light black/grey & HTC's constrast is on par or close or somebody like MRTV says it's better to G2 & on G2 (which I also have) the displays just on another level (despite the G2 itlsef is garbage hmd). It's what I waited for a long time - G2 displays with light houses, you just seems didn't try that level HMDs

    • @RyanX Index is not a downgrade, even Norm says the Index is far better, lmfao. Actually watch the video.

    • Then you are making a big mistake as that is a downgrade.

  • I was waiting to see what HTC would release next before buying something from them. After seeing the reviews, I really enjoy using their deluxe audio strap with my new Pimax.

  • I'd love to buy a VR headset, but I'm not going to buy this one for sure. It's hard even when you can afford it to justify dropping $1400 on a toy. Especially if it needs a video card I both don't have any can't really get in a reasonable timescale.

    • yes for new coming users the price is tough, I guess the update is best for ones who already had lighthouse tracking & PC, it's 749$ for HMD only, another hack to do is to buy old vive 1 full kit on ebay for 200-250$ if you can find it, you get 2 base stations & 2 vive wands + buy a HMD only, it already will be 950-1000$ which is not that bad for top tier hardware, but without video card & decent PC the Quest2 is best option.

  • Oculus Quest 2 needs a competitor for things to move forward.

    • @Pavel Ruban Exactly. As John Carmack, Micheal Abrash, and Brandon Iribe all said, Quest is an introductory platform to VR that is meant to push people into PCVR. The fact that so many people think Quest is the ultimate VR experience are just ignorant.

    • That won't be possible for at least 3-5 years even if Valve, MS, Google and more all worked together with hundreds of millions to burn to create a new platform. Facebook poured hundreds of millions into R&D as well as years to create a platform filled with VR game studios exclusively developing on Quest. The result was a completely jaded Oculus team who were very talented and knowledgeable VR hardware and software engineers. They ended up all leaving Facebook after the Quest 1 launch (which is why Facebook hasn't made anything viable or different since). The opportunity to create a platform like Quest is long gone and we may not see an emerging competitor for a very long time. The only option right now is for Android to purge it's toxic sub-par marketplace of halfassed apps business model to help create a quest-like platform. Otherwise, someone will have to use android to create their own and no one but multi-billion dollar companies would even consider it, regardless they have zero interest today. Asking for a quest competitor is like asking for magic to happen overnight.

    • Quest 2 is not a PCVR hmd, I can't use it as I used to high fidielity PC VR like index/vive pro level with very smooth & lag free tracking + very clean image in supersampled node in conjuction with exceptional performance while Q2 has own strong sides & I use it a lot for games like EchoVR in native mode & streaming Virtual Desktop for work, I can't use it all for PCVR gaming, it's just not on the same level as index & vive pro, at least not for me, I used to good HMDs

  • I was just telling everyone how butthurt I was this series seemed over

  • I'm really sadened by the fact that nobody is making OLED headsets anymore. After buying the Quest 2 decided never to buy a conventional LED headset anymore. IMO IDC if it's 120-180hz with no screen door. The gray blacks kill it for me

    • @EVOLICIOUS Do you have an oled headset? I'm currently using a HTC Vive Pro with etsy lenses and am loving it. Elite Dangerous, P3D, MSFS, are really immersive with the unreal blacks and clarity. I haven't noticed the disadvantages you mentioned.

    • OLED is by far the worst display technology for VR, it was only initially used becasue they are dirt cheap. High latency displays and VR that needs very low latency motion-to-photon is literally the worst mix. What you are asking for is for MicroLED to come to VR HMDs, which they will very soon.

    • yes, but HTC did right, the resolution was their main flaw in Pro if they would do something OLED with SDE less than in Quest 2 it will be failed so big times & everybody would scream that in 2021 they dropped a bomb with outdated screen like it was with VP1 but I like it's screen & deep blacks though, for horrors it's still unbeaten for me. If SDE would be more good than in Q2 the price would be astronomical like in Varjo VR3 - if you want micro oled with70 PPD go & buy it, but it costs 3000 + 1500$ for subscription & you need to prolong it for 800$ every year, if you have money you already can have high res oled steamvr compatible hmd, but that's unreal price tag

  • I remember watching u many times u look awkward beyond belief why is this in my recommendation feed 😭😭😉

  • This is what you get from a Facebook monopoly. Small batch production from companies that can’t be in the consumer space.

    • Which is why Valve should have just sued Palmer and stopped him from creating oculus when he stole their VR software technologies. But Valve was optimistic that oculus would favor VR. In the end, Valve's gut feelings always end up coming true. They even said years before quest came out that a VR mobile platform will degrade VR software technologies and hinder VR hardware and software progression. Which also happened (see Onward, and other quest-ported apps).

  • I disagree with your comments on the HP Reverb G2, I have one and it is not comfortable, the face plate is made for narrow heads, so it is uncomfortable for adults without a small or narrow head, it also reduces the field of veiw significanlty, and using the Windows Mixed Reality software is frustrating as it keeps creating multiple virtual screens that you can not get too and have to disable, which is more frustrating when it keeps opening the setting window on one of the virtual screens that you can't see. It's IPD max is too small. The screens are the only thing to compare to the Vive Pro 2, and the lower cost is not enough to off set the disadvantages. I'm in Australia and for some stupid reason Valve don't sell the Index here, and to import it or a Pimax is going to cost more than twice the cost of the Vive Pro 2, which is for sale here, this makes the Vive Pro 2 the only choice for an upgrade for enthusists in Australia. I'm excluding Oculus because it's IPD adjustment is too small, it doesn't have lighthouse tracking and I don't want to be forced into using Facebook to sign in.

    • fully agree on g2 points, also have 1, displays are beatifull, but it requires modding the gasket & even with gasket mod the sweetspot (not adjustment time but overall clarity once HMD is adjusted) is very small + FOV is small as well, much smaller than on Quest2. Software is terrible, performance on AMD 5950x with 3090 Strix oc24 is terrible & it has mirco stutters even with SS set to 30%, crashes, bugs, tracking is very bad(usable, but after Light House & Oculus approaches it looks defective). I couldn't use G2 even for seems, maybe they have drivers incompatibility issues, I did install all recent drivers & windows updates, things got a little better, but still not on a usable scale. I tried DCS, clarity is good, but performance wise & comfort wise it's a nightmare, ah yes, that poor strap system which is hurting your head, loos velcros with weird tension system that don't let you to setup tension at one level (they tend to make more tensions in minutes once it's readjusted & it really annoys as it makes more pressure on your back of head). So many problems in one unit, I got the impressions that all their R&D was focused on the screen & they didn't work at all on all other departments & put Valve lenses without proper taking care about other factors like FOV & sweetspot - all they cared about is king of clarity hashtag which is resulted in totally unsable HMD at least for me.

  • Their choice to still use a fresnel lens kills it for me. I would rather have a thicker lens that has a much clearer view without the god rays.

    • Try Zeiss lens from Zeiss VR One Plus headset. It´s PERFECT! Awesome sweet spot!

    • @EVOLICIOUS there are better lenses called aspheric lenses which are for example used in the very expensive Varjo headset. Fresnel is mainly used because it's cheap and light, not because it's good. You find Fresnel as a sticker on rear windows of cars but not in any high-end lense application like cameras, scopes or what else

    • @EVOLICIOUS The fresnel lens is not new technology, they have been around for around 200 years. It's major shortcoming is that it reduces image quality. They are great in applications where you need to increase the light - lighthouses, car headlights etc. They are not ideal to use as a lens to see through. I would hate to think if my telescopes or camera's used fresnel lenes (although, there are some special application camera lenses that rely on a fresnel lens. The VR industry uses them because they are cheap to manufacturer, and are thinner and lighter. I have very poor eyesight. In the 1970's my doctor had me experiment with eyeglasses made with fresnel lenes because my regular glasses were about 3/4" thick -18 diopter. Although my fresnel lens were much thinner, I could not see squat.

    • Then you won't get presence, which is literally what makes objects in VR feel real. Fresnel is the bleeding-edge of lens technology and we won't get another breakthrough for at least a decade.

  • Bro, I just dropped 10 grand on a trimble GPS handheld unit that basically has ancient Windows CE technology. So $1,200 doesn't sound too much to me if it's for workplace / engineering / design purposes.

  • at this point we're paying a premium to get away from Facebook's tyranny. It's kind of weird that the open source supported option costs MORE than the proprietary, locked up, unworkable option, the price for this headset is very disappointing for what it offers. I still use the OG Vive and at this rate we'll see a new medium of gaming tech before i feel the need to upgrade my VR headset.

    • @Pavel Ruban the index package is an upgrade from the 2016 vive.

    • @Sanjuro Tsubaki i have index and upgrating to vp2 coz index screens feel outdated, if sde and resolution isnt an issue to you then wwhy you need to update? it was very solid hmd and resolution was the only strong downside of it

    • @EVOLICIOUS I already don't wear prescription glasses. I have a prescription but I feel they just don't work for me. I do okay for myself, 4k monitors or 5k HMDs just don't get me super excited because I won't really be able to physically see that value. And so obviously everything I've said about the vive pro 2 is subjective and based off the review saying one of the best features is the super hi res display.

    • @Sanjuro Tsubaki oof, you must have really bad eyesight. Please go get prescription lens for your HMD, YIKES!

    • @Pavel Ruban call me poor or not an enthusiast but I simply refuse to afford a "modern" HMD for $749* How do I still use the original vive? Maybe I'm lucky because I have horrible visual acuity so the screen door effect just doesn't exist for me. The only thing I can obviously see is the concentric circles on the lenses which I only really see if I try to. I watched the video, and I simply disagree with the price being very good. If I upgrade within the year it's going to be the full package index.

  • Have you tried the 8K X after the 90hz update?

    • @EVOLICIOUS Pimax can be great if you setup it right

    • ew pimax

    • Very good question 🤔

  • Norm is the first person I go for the scoop on when a new VR headset launches.

    • i don't as he's obviously biased and full of shit.

  • *Have you guys tried the latest PiMAX 8K and 5K yet...??*

  • I have everything to run the headset. Just the crappy mic is a pretty big turn off.

  • Do a pimax 8k x review please

  • I'll be interested to test out the vp2 in coming weeks. The G2, like the G1, has some wonky optics imo, and broke after a month (30 days longer than it took the G1 to break). Also the tracking is so-so. With that said the VP2 has glare apparently, which is very disappointing.

  • Thanks for your honest review

  • *watches first minute of video* Yup same. *closes video*

    • @RyanX It literally is. Watch the video.

    • No it isn't the same

  • Last week I took my Vive 1 off after fucking around in tilt brush for an hour and there was a spider in it, he'd just sat there and watched me the whole time. I live in the UK there aren't any nasty ones here so it wasn't as threatening as it was gross, can't imagine what it must of been like from his perspective as his whole cave gets picked up with a colossal creature staring in only for the back of the cave to erupt with wonderous neon colours changing and shifting seemingly at random. Its nice to hear they're beyond screen door now, but I wont consider buying anything new unless its room scale wireless, oled, with the finger tracking. Anything short of that would almost feel like a downgrade or bizarre comprise, like the process of buying my next car rather than a luxury gaming product.

    • VP2 support HTC wireless module, it support knuckles (finger tracking) & the only relevant point is indeed OLED, I also love it & playing HL:A on Vive Pro 1 is a blast or Phasmopobia, but I can't use anymore such an outdated HMDs for other tasks - e.g. for desktop working/movies or light games old OLED just no go despite so good contrast/colours/ blacks, also ghosting is very annoying in fast paced games like sport ones or sims

    • That description lmao

  • Ordered one of these with the index controllers; will be my first real pc-vr experience and psyched for it! Thanks for the review Norm!

    • @Donald Cedar yeah remind me haha. I'll try to remember to update. Wondering about this index 2 that's on the horizon but lord knows, might be another year

    • I was more blown away by the quest 1 than the index when I tried them both for the first time. For the index the god rays just killed the immersion.

    • Can you tell me how this goes? I've done hours of research into VR and I remember thinking I just want a wireless index before I make the plunge. I just want VR to get a liittllleee bit better and I will dump 2k+ into a great set-up that'll last me years.

    • @Clive Clivington yeah, those I already have set up. Good lookin' out!

    • please tell me you got the base stations to go with

  • That price doesn't sound worth it for the few improvements.

    • visuals is most important improvement that you can get in VR + FOV, RR (120Hz), ghosting free image, finally new lenses with bigger sweetspot, new headphones ear pads (which makes it a bit more bassy), great brightness & clarity. HTC did all right with this HMD, I just hope motion smoothing will be fixed soon & work not worse than on default VP1 as it was one of the biggest benefits of that HMD when you could play DCS with high setting & it felt smooth on 45 or 30 frames with MS turned on.

    • It does if you are coming from Vive 1 and already have base stations and controllers as it's a huge leap over the Vive. If you have a pro 1 or Index then probably better to wait for the next one but I'm 100% upgrading to this one

  • G2 has been life changing as a sim racer! Now have a pimax 8kx on the way, curious how it will compare, vive pro 2 doesn't seem like much of a leap forward, thanks for your review!

    • @EVOLICIOUS some say it's the best for sim racing. 30 day return policy. If I like the G2 more still I'll return it. For how expensive it is it has to blow me away for me to keep it!

    • @EVOLICIOUS let me myself consider my purchase wasting or not, Im lucky one & have edge to edge clarity in Pimaxes, despite washed out colours & some display cases, they HMDs are decent for sim, which I use them for. I have 4 Pimax Hmds though (8k, 5k+, 5kXR & 8kX now)

    • oof, you wasted money on a pimax

    • if you like G2 FOV for sure it's not, but with 120 FOV & 120Hz in native it feels for me as life changing, also hate G2 software & constant issue with crashes, room scale experiences & the ripple on the screen (during head turns it has similar effect to Valve index (vertical lines) but less pronounced, not that bad, considering other display positive things like brightness, colours, contrast & pixels density)

  • I still have my original Vive, which went back into the box 2 yrs after I purchased it. VR is exciting, and I had a lot of fun coding a VR game for my Vive in Unity, but the truth is that VR is so far from ready for real world use still that there isn't much point in messing around with it unless you're developing it.

    • I use VR since 2016, have all consumer grade HMDs & can't stop play / use it for work, also I don't use monitor for more than 3 years now as VR for my eyes produces much less strain & it's very comfy & immersive. Vive (OG vive) has worst resolution ever) you need to try at least Quest 2 to make a comparison, I guess you can sell it easility as it costs 299$

    • Not in my opinion. Good content coming out all the time as long as you don't expect a lot of AAA stuff coming out often then there is loads to do in VR as well as the social stuff if you are into hanging out with others.

  • Mine shipped today, but idk if I'll keep it... I've heard complaints about the small sweet spot and narrow FOV.

    • @Lino Chestang B&H did.

    • Did HTC send you a shipping confirmation? I have one on pre-order, but no emails yet.

  • Preordered ! Best fov & best resolution 120hz brill ( 10900k & 3080 water cooled ) Ps no glasses here

  • Oculus said a year ago that the Half Dome project was "almost ready for primetime." Varifocal lenses. _Varifocal lenses._ We've been in Gen 1.5 for almost 4 years, since the WMR headsets came out in 2017. Can we quit with the new Gen 1.5 headsets? Literally, the recent headsets are exactly the same as the first headsets. I don't care about incremental improvements in resolution and FOV. I'm tired of Gen 1 headsets like the Samsung Gear VR and the Valve Index, I'm tired of the exact same thing for 6 years, two flat screens and two lenses that focus at a fixed focal depth of about 2 meters. I want Gen 2. I want varifocal lenses, I want an actual change in the technology being used. And a Rift 2 based on Half Dome very well might be released within 6 to 24 months. Why in the world is anybody bothering to release new Gen 1.5 headsets right now?

    • @Booker Skye oculus does not care much about pcvr. They are going to go cheap and mobile with link.

    • @Pavel Ruban Source for Half Dome is from an Upload VR article titled "Facebook’s Display Research Lead: Varifocal Half-Dome 3 ‘Almost Ready For Prime Time’." Most of my comment is speculation, but I think it's not unreasonable speculation. They stopped production of the Rift S two months ago. People think that means they're done with PCVR. I think it means they're getting ready to start the process of making a new headset. The Index and the G2 have the same basic form-factor as the original Rift and the PSVR and the WMR headsets. The new headsets are the same as the old in that regard, giant fat brick strapped to your face. Half Dome 3 looks less than half as big as the standard facebrick. I think they'll release a Rift 2 just for that alone if for nothing else.

    • can you give any source regarding Rift 2 as I heard they seems cancelled the project & focused only on mobile VR

  • Why is this almost double price of the original Vive? Can someone provide an answer to that?

    • Because HTC are intent on going bankrupt or becoming a much smaller company. They never seem learn. It's a repeat of what they did with phones and tablets.

    • The year 2016 is not the same as the year 2021.

    • HTC's shareholders want more money

  • Your eyelashes are just too long lol

  • Woooooahhh!! Just downloaded the Tested VR app. It's so trippy!! You're taller than I thought! :D

  • Vive Pro v1.1

  • Holy ish, Projections is back! :D

  • I bought a valve index a month ago so this review brings me relief lol

    • i upgraded from an index hes playing with glasses and on a 2070 lol,the clarity alone beats the index by alot to me it feels like going from 1080p to 4k no cap,the sweet spot is easily find for me but maybe cause i use the 6mm foam and the colors are also better than index and the fov a little larger.

    • Interesting take

    • The VR hardware industry is dead in the water. No one will be able to bring a competitive product against Index for at least a few more years.

  • Dude needs to stop going on about the G2. If you want lighthouse tracking then G2 isn't an option. This is still the best option for those who wants the best tracking experience and wireless then it's the best option. Nobody from an original vive is going to go for a G2 if they are used to lighthouse tracking, so dont get why you are advocating a G2 as its a non option for these users who want wireless and solid tracking that they are used to. For those who already have an OG Vive for example, this is a great upgrade. Kind of a shit review to be honest. Have read other reviews with through the lens shots and and many were impressed with what they are getting from the VP2. This is just being negative for the sake of being negative.

    • @Pavel Ruban Exactly. This is who this upgrade is for I'm coming from Vive 1. I've preorderd cos I like wireless and I cannot use anything other than lighthouse tracking. Then add bigger FOV, far better display, no screen door, built in audio. I only need to buy the headset and I don't mind Vive wants but if I want better I can buy the Valve controllers. This is the beauty of lighthouse tracking. Just upgrade your HMD and controllers whenever something new or better comes out so it's kinda modular in that way. $700 isn't all that bad, if you guys want to pay less for an inferior experience like the G2 or Index knock yourselves out and buy them but there's gonna be a lot of people coming from a vive 1 that will absolutely love this upgrade.

    • > For those who already have an OG Vive for example, this is a great upgrade. this is insane upgrade except blacks. Im upgrading to vp2 from index and have g2 (worst headset ever but good displays) but not sure how you can with old vive SDE, i already tiried from index after having quest2/G2 and now finally good lighthouse hmd with close to g2 level visuals and 30 more degrees fov!

  • Still waiting for the wireless Index adapter (non-PCIe of course) :"(

    • Non-PCIe wouldn't work. 60ghz needs a dedicated lane to your CPU for this technology to get it's full bandwidth and low latency.

  • I noticed the earcups are different to the Vive Pro. Is there any difference in audio or just a foam change? The Vive Pro can still have audio issues because of USB compatibility.

    • On vive pro eye its same as on vp2 they sound with it a bit more bassy but the sound is the same as vp1

  • It is unfortunate to see that the index and half life Alyx for that matter didn't create the momentum expected but rather a difficult barrier to overcome.

    • I agree DR2.0 and DCS are great

    • @Pavel Ruban hm I found the story and physics quite good and far away from boring. Hellsplit seems like the 10th unfinished arena sword fight game without proper AI or story, wish all those sword fighting devs would stick their heads together to finish something decent instead of everyone bringing their own half baked interpretation of the same game.

    • That's Valve's specialty, lol.

    • @Pavel Ruban Dirt 2 it really cool ! Haven't tried dcs yet. Hla boring or not has solide immersion and is overall the most polished vr game I have seen to date.

    • dcs, dirt 2.0, hellsplit arena, hla is boring, good visuals but poor physics and just a linear story game

  • Oo any info on vr im happy

  • i don't know how you guys, but for me Vive Pro 1 was the gold standard HMD, the only reason I went to Index (and also like this HMD) was the outdated resolution. But as seems FOV is bigger, RR is 120Hz, people report edge to edge clarity with thin foam and visuals are close to G2! (that's insane with such a FOV - 30 degrees more than on G2) & best in class tracking with native knuckles support (no more space calibrator & its bugs). That's really sounds like best HMD ever made & that's HTC quality (meaning good here without sarcasm). Can't wait to grab my hands on it, hopefully next 1-2 weeks after shipment.

    • you gonna love it man i ordered it too,and index controllers,dont listen to dudes who are already blind with glasses and that test it on a 2070 super,like how tf you expect you gonna run a 5k res on 2070super,3070 minimum or 2080ti for this headset is a must.

    • @Lino Chestang Absolutely 100%

    • @RyanX Also upgrading from original Vive. Should be a good step forward from 1st gen headset.

    • Same here I'm coming from a OG Vive and I'm absolutely getting this.

  • It's just the first HTC Vive, 2016 version. But with better screen.

    • No, not even close, this is the Vive Pro platform. OG Vive is a valve product.

    • Vive Pro 2018 version with better screens and wider lens.

  • I'm looking forward to the point when we can have the resolution and FoV of Pimax 8K X, 200' and 3840x2160 per eye, The clarity of Reverb G2's lenses and sound from the G2's speakers, The controllers and tracking of the Index and portability of the Quest 2 all in 1 package, I know it's a long ways off but we'll get there.

    • @dtz1000 Sounds good, G2 res and lens clarity with Index FoV + tracking and OLED, Would look amazing.

    • I'd be happy with G2 resolution with fov of valve Index. Also has to have OLED display. It can be done today if someone has the will to do it. Come on Samsung.

    • @EVOLICIOUS Yep around 10-20 years seems feasible.

    • Not anytime soon. Maybe in 20 years. For that FOV to also work for presence, we would need a massive lens technology breakthrough along with technologies that would have to be invented to open an opportunity for a breakthrough. Everything else you are asking for exists on the index with valve's 60ghz solution that is supposed to be coming out soon. Without the portability becasue Valve does not want to provide people with sub-par VR experiences like you get on quest native.


    • So what are you commenting for then? Lmao

  • Tldr Review: It has no redeeming factors and is ridiculously overpriced. But I'll be nice to HTC and say, "If you're rich, buy it"

    • @EVOLICIOUS So wait for next gen then

    • @RyanX It's not an upgrade unless you have the first gen vive, lol

    • What are your options though? It's better than an Index and has better fov and tracking compared to G2 so if you dont want it then wait for next gen. This is a more of an upgrade for people who already have base stations and controllers.

    • I purchased it as I already had lighthouses and buying a Valve index would cost me twice the price in Australia. $1220 (VP2) vs $3000 (VI)

    • Try buying an Index in Australia or a Pimax, they cost more than twice as much to import, and the G2 is for people with small heads and too restrictive.

  • What bothers me with this unit is that dark purply blue plastic that was popular in the mid-late 90s. It really dates this unit and looks silly with the monitor in black. That blue plastic was used for a few years a lot in the 90s and unfortunately visually dated electronics immediately. They literally slapped new plastic on a dated plastic design. You can see it used in high end 3D computers, pro synthesizers, etc. it was a high-end look.

  • So frustrating, HTC always misses the mark and completely misses what many consumers want for high end VR (I know it is for business, but if this was the case, it should at least have a hiher end microphone) Just want a company to provide a lighthouse tracked high res headset at somewhat reasonable price points with less compromise. Also wish all the comprise would be more honest about FOV stats.

    • If it's for business, then their decision makes even less sense. For most consumers it's a big difference whether they have to pay $500 or $1000 for a electronics product that serves a specific purpose but in business you think and work in other scales. If a company wants a VR/AR solution for R&E or whatever, they go for the really good and professional stuff, even if it costs several thousand dollars cause that's still peanuts in enterprise segment. Why go for a weak compromise like Vive Pro 2, when there exists something like Varjo VR-3/XR-3? IMO the Vive Focus 3 makes more sense as a business headset. If you need something more powerful and better than Quest 2 and want that Standalone + Wireless PCVR option, there is no real competition besides maybe Pico Neo 3 Pro Eye.

    • It's not subsidised like FB does with Oculus or Valve did with the Index. So their top end is $. I'm okay with that. There are better mid range options aimed at mass market like Quest2 or G2. Agree completely with the mic and ergo comments. So stupid to cheap out there.