Let's Make a PlayDate - This is Only a Test 603 - 6/10/21

Publisert 10. juni. 2021
Lots to go over this week as we break down Apple's announcements from WWDC, dissect the Battlefield 2042 debut trailer, get excited over new information on the PlayDate portable game system, and show off some holograms on a Looking Glass Portrait volumetric lightfield display. Plus, the early reports from Avengers Campus and Norm's new lightsaber!

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  • Have they not heard of planetside 2?

  • "Oculus users are not buying that product because of Facebook". Nailed it. In fact it's quite the opposite. I know multiple existing Oculus owners who refuse to buy a new one as long as Oculus requires a Facebook login (something Oculus promised at the time they were absorbed into Facebook would never be the case). I can't think of a more toxic brand than Facebook right now and it's not getting better anytime soon. Who the heck would opt-in to FB knowing your moment-by-moment location and whether you have insomnia or an abnormal heartrate?

  • Check this out guys...

  • BF6/2042 looks great, and I am a long-time, huge BF fan, but I'll wait til it's been out for a few months before buying this one. Still, verrrry excited!

  • the ad model for internet content collapsed about 5 years ago, the rates are tiny these days.

  • 19:51 Norm " I think everyone has moved beyond needing that checkbox of a campaign" hard disagree to me battlefield is all about the single player campaign at least it was until they started treating it like a checkbox that had to be fill instead of making a compelling game.

  • Hello, Norm and Jeremy!

  • The final disc WAS gold. It comes from ( as far as I remember, as someone who's been in the games industry for 25 years ) the colour of the discs that we would burn as candidates to send off to Sony etc.

  • Going gold referred to the vinyl era of pressing a gold master. I'm old enough to remember those :)

  • It is a cinimatic trailer though? In game engine means almost nothing at this point. If not just nothing. When you have the time to render and key frame.

  • Dubstep intro is the best intro 🤣

  • Funny thing that Norm says that IOS is catching up to Android... But for me it seems to IOS catching up to some features that were available on windows phone 8 on launch(ocr of photos, maps+street names) like 7 or 8 years ago.

  • A Jedi doesn't buy his lightsaber 😂 so many people crushed. I'm building mine but have my final year project to finish, then I'm finishing it god damnit. It's on a breadboard but all the electronics work using jakesofts platform. He made an Arduino lightsaber coded himself with help but now he's got a LE Bluetooth board that enables smooth swing

  • The saber comes out at 1:05:10

  • What time is it??? Cheese

  • Never been this early before! Video has been uploaded 12 seconds ago

  • Hi Mr. Savage. For one of your one day builds videos, I would like it if you could do the Blades of Chaos from the video game, God of War.

  • hi

  • first

  • Hi Adam & Crew!!! ♥️