Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Animatronic Bear Head!

Publisert 26. mai. 2021
It's been almost five years since Adam made his bear costume to walk through Comic-Con, and the suit is in dire need of repair, refit, and refurbishment. It's an opportunity for Adam to completely rebuild the one part that's never quite satisfied his original design--the bear's head. So it's time to get the bear suit out of storage and make a whole new headpiece for it, turning Adam's original sketch into a full-formed and fur-covered animatronic head!

Find Adam's bear costume poster here:

Shot by Adam Savage and edited by Gunther Kirsch

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  • Find Adam's bear costume poster here:

    • what song cue is playing about 11 minutes in? I can't find the song and it's driving me nuts lol

    • Next: Get ACTUAL Leonardo DiCaprio to drag along after you.

    • I am very impressed!!!😁🐻

    • @Gary Snitch you know Gary I was looking at his finished bear suit and kind of thinking the same thing. It seems as if his experience from making his Wookie poured over into making the bear especially in the hair job around the face. But I agree bears are dirty dirty creatures that don't get into the water very much unless they are actually stream Fishers. Adam adds washes to all of his Creations to age them and weather them well honestly a bear needs to be aged and weathered as well. So I agree with you sir

    • @Spuzzle Does Stuff good day sir! I think you missed the point of his post that you responded to. What he means is Adam should be able to make it easier with a couple circuits in the little push button say possibly near his fingers in his arm suit. By simply squeezing say the pinky and the Thumb together you could actuate the jaw opening and just for example without having to do some kind of fancy throw your arm out to the side and make your face open maneuver. Good to meet you have a great day

  • Can you make a polar bear head pls

  • I think the biggest problem is the hair and the Front it's too short Also a tip for the mouth to make it more life like 2 things that I think might work clear Elmer's glue to make it look like the mouth is moist or you can use gel wax

  • Now we know Adams fursona- Gus the bear. In all seriousness, I feel getting in touch with some other costume makers, more specifically fursuit makers. May help a lot on future animal costumes, as far as getting this shape vs that shape, realistic vs cartoony, and more. Even then I feel like Adam may enjoy just talking to other creators who build these sort of things. Hope to see you at a future Furry convention Adam! lol Keep up the great, and inspiring, work.

  • A projector! You need a projector! Then you could take the image off of you Mac and project it onto the foam board at the size that feels proportional and trace it on the board.

  • As soon as I heard "take apart car engines and throw all the bolts into a bucket", I INSTANTLY thought of James May. Loved that shout out. The Reassembler and One Day Builds deserve to be together.

  • Nice alpaca costume!

  • Bro bears have big heads ...I think your first try was to ⚖️

  • Not what he intended, but MUCH better than the previous head.

  • It's not just sewing and wiring my friend. (I hope we could be friends lol) In the end, that's all engineering and imaginative artistic endeavors "my friend". You draw, you plan, and then in the end when in the middle of it all, you hope and pray it all is what you made it to be. Don't trust me? Ask an Imagineer at Disney ;)

  • Is it just me, or does Adam's sewing machine sound angry going through all that fur, even though it's totally WAY overkill for this material in terms of the strength of the machine... still...

  • Those eyes wouldn't be from that one woman and the team around her down at Weta would they?

  • I'm at the point where you start using the foam core to make the 3D shape of the Bear's Head and.... "Yep, He's a model maker alright." was a thought that came up with a giggle at how this comes to be so far. It's such a wonderful thing. I actually see that you would have been an AMAZING Imagineer if in some universe somewhere you'd worked for Disney Parks instead of Lucas Films.

  • Ohh those little moments... "I thought I was the only one that did that" kind of moment... the grid transfer system between scales! OMG Adam, thanks for enlightening an old soul in a young man's body to the fact that this is in fact a system used by many and is time tested... heh... And I thought I was the only one, omg.

  • congratulations, it's a ........lama

  • Adams dancing in this was unBEARable... I'll see my self out

  • The old bear costume was so much more realistic.

  • The bear eyes are too large which is giving the "Teddy Bear" feel more than it should.... Awesome stuff!

  • You should put a red t shirt on it and turn it into a realistic approach too Pooh Bear

  • the neck is quite long

  • I want to see a video of you walking through a dog park with this suit on.

  • I liked the size of the first head he drew, but thought was too big, it felt more grizzly, the second one is smaller like a black bear. But to each their own.

  • The music in this one is really good. Nice choices this time guys.

  • I reccon he needed a frown .............or better still an adjustable frown .......... I like it . anyway , what do you think?

  • Hold the phone, Mod Podge comes in gallon jugs?

  • What is the song name at 10:57?

  • Adam being a furry? 😂

  • brilliant video

  • some ideas for how to maybe make him less cute and cartoony and more scary and realistic. 1. his chin needs a little scruffy beard bit a little longer than his snout hair. 2. he needs his neck to be wider and maybe the fabric needs to create folds like bear skin naturally would. not entirely sure how you would do that though. 3. his eyes could use some definition in the tissue around the eye that tends to protrude just a little more forward of the eye. 4. some other proportions could be off but I think a big issue is fur colour and how consistent the colour is.

  • i think it could be improved a bit to a more realistic looking bear with a big bear lip on the lower jaw, smaller eyes, smaller ears, and definitely some dark airbrushing at the front of the snout around the nose and philtrum! probably beefing the neck up a bit at least from the front view too :)

  • Awesome

  • Five Nights At Adam's

  • 10/10, would befriend.

  • you should really do a Bigfoot

  • I think the main thing making the head look more like a dog and less like a bear is the snout. Bears have very rectangular and flat snouts. With minor tweaking in the jowl area, I think you'd get a more bear-y costume!

  • It's all in the eyes Adam. The brown needs to be furled down, giving him a little more pissed off look. Fun build though!

  • Please name him Arthur! Our poor king, Arthur :(

  • Adam this bear head clearly needs a paint job to add shades and character :) You could make it as angry as you want with a good face paint :D

  • I’m sure I’ll keep an eye out for you!

  • Repeating a minute of time lapse to drive up viewing time? Hack that algorithm! Not the first time it's happened here.

  • why did the timelapse repeat

  • It doesn't look like a bear because it's golden.

  • The neck looks way too long on your bear

  • The predecessor looks more like a wolf or hyena head

  • I’d do a jaw actuated mouth on the head using a law cup so when you hang your mouth open the bear head does the same

  • Adam if you want to make a bunch of high strength skull caps use carbon fibre then line them with felt on the inside it’s what I do for making all things that will sit on my head I made a bulk load of carbon fibre skull caps good thing is they also act as head protection they used the same technique for James Bond when Daniel Craig was doing the motorcycle chaise through the bazaar also they are really good structurally also I’ve made similar sculpted heads to your bear head I’ll do a layer of carbon fibre on both the inside and out side of the paper to give it a lot more structural strength with out adding too much weight also you can get it to where they fit extremely solid to the head tho I like the idea of you using a hard hat

  • At 1:02:00 those clippers stress me out

  • You ended up making a Berenstain bears costume.

  • Adam, You are holding the clippers upside down the large metal blade of the clippers goes towards the scalp unless you are lining. When you use a guide you want to go against the grain to force the comb of the guide to lift the hair to give you an even length cut.

  • Really comment section ,no furry jokes ?

  • Okay. This but: add a green hat and a tie- go hunting for some picnic baskets...

  • It looks like a Muppet from Jim Henson!

  • While watching this video i began looking up pictures of grizzly bears and i noticed that in specific areas of the face and body the bear has different colored fur... darker around the eyes, lighter across the bridge of the nose. Ever thought of doing a little air brushing to give contrast and possibly that more menacing character to the bear you're looking for?

  • It needs a red shirt now

  • I feel like the neck is to long maybe, but he needs some weathering, some modpodge on your fingers, rub it around the eyes and mouth, the paws, areas where he’s going to get dirty and wet, he’s too clean;-)

  • You just made a challenge for yourself after that adorable bear, to come up with the scariest meanest costume you’ve ever built

  • If the bear's mouth just opens straight up and down why not just use a chinstrap? I would love to hear your input.

  • Your awesome, how about a robot bear and it pulls someone like fresh prey on a hidden dolly. # love the bear

  • Who let the dogs out. Had me laughing😂

  • The idea of the hard hat is great but I was wondering why you used the hard hat itself instead of installing the hatband directly into the bear head without the hard hat shell. Would have been much lighter, too.

  • the neck looks soo long the shoulders would be much higher to make the neck shorter also yee to the head is too small I think you could even make the bear head over your own and it would solve the neck and head size problem

  • Next, have something that controls the brow.

  • I've seen the puppet build vid, but you didn't link it anywhere that I can see, for people who haven't

  • It looks like Bear in the Big Blue House.

  • wow your inner child has come out lol

  • round the ears adam

  • WAIT ! Mouth cut, he cut towards his wrist with the air saw alone in the shop?

  • as they never put the promised links into the description, here you go for the puppet workshop:

  • needs to look more scary really more real might be a good opertunity to learn how to make characters from a taxadermist maybe?

    • also think the neck is too long but hey i absolutely could not do it any better and am experienced in no way so good job adam


  • Black lips

  • Anyone know where the teeth/gum/tongue part is from?

  • Dancin the day away... Bear in the big blue house comes to mind 😁

  • The end result is fine, but with proper editing this video should have been 20-30 minutes, tops.

  • 33:55 that, Adam, is the most frightening thing I've ever encountered on this platform.

  • can you get a red t-shirt that fits over the bear?

  • I think the easiest way to add some menace to him would be to bulk out the brow area and to add a top lip snarling mechanism so he bares his teeth and gums.

  • The possible sink whitely greet because cocoa structurally shrug anenst a nippy channel. solid, brown swimming

  • if you do more animal costumes like this you should really look into fursuit construction techniques. Nobody knows how to make animal costumes as good as furries do

  • Adam stop lying to yourself we know you gonna make a new one. It's awesome but it's not Adamsom.

  • Kinda looks like a dog head more than a bear.. great job though!

  • Somehow, I feel this is the kind of bear you put in a red t-shirt, and hand him a jar of hunney.

  • His name should be Barry

  • the old one looked like a bear, that one kinda looks like a fluffy dog :)

  • Looks like it could use some dark makeup, to get closer to dangerous

  • dude i love your fursuit!!

  • Is someone secretly furry lover xD

  • what would be a great idea for large scale tracing when needing to scale something up would be something like an overhead projector. just an idea I thought of while watching you free hand the bear head.

  • the neck feels a bit thin, maybe extend it so it blends into your shoulders

  • Love your "one" day builds! Also gotta say, I was totally vibing to the music that started at 10:50. Would love to know the artist and track name.

  • I wonder if I'll see it at Portland Comic Con

  • Adam should definatly invite Jame May to his shop. That would be great to see.

  • ohh, it's a cute tedybear.

  • Probably already been said but you should put a red shirt on him and do a realistic Pooh bear.

  • Maybe not so much "menacing" as "huggable".😁

  • Adam! You don't have an old school overhead projector? Would have been perfect for drawing the head!

  • Adam needs to make a Winnie the Pooh shirt for the bear!

  • You should have just sketched the bear head in the first place, around the head drawing that you had, it would have saved you a lot of problems.

  • To the 39 people that disliked, I hope your charger only works at a certain angle

  • 34:04 boris the animal