Behind the Scenes: Editing Spatial Audio in Virtual Reality!

Publisert 17. mai. 2021
Go behind the scenes in our video production with a look at two pieces of technology we've recently been using to make our videos. Joey tests the Hollyland Lark 150 wireless microphone system as an alternative to the wireless mic packs we've previously used, and clips one on himself in a demonstration of the VR spatial audio mixing tools he's been using for the editing of our Tested VR videos!

Hollyland Lark 150:
Joey's video:
Check out some Tested VR videos at
Reaper audio production:
DearVR Spatial Connect:

Shot and edited by Joey Fameli

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  • Hollyland Lark 150: Joey's #feelmycitysounds video: Check out some Tested VR videos at Reaper audio production: DearVR Spatial Connect:

  • This is excellent behind the scenes content that no one else is showing. Thank you for sharing.

  • Watching these types of videos just makes this seem like you'd need to spend 6 years getting a masters to understand how to use all these functions and understanding why and when you would (though by then there would be entirely new packages that would mean most of what you knew isn't relevant anymore). Though the reality may be simply learning what 5-10% of this insanity gets you to what you want.

  • I can see how this type of interface might become the industry standard for surround sound mixing. very cool

  • Heyyy Onewheel Pint

  • Awesome!!!!!

  • Reaper is not free. They just don't use DRM so you can continue to use it with 100% functionally past the trial period. It's doesn't cost much and is worth paying for it IMO.

  • Lav and pack audio sounded very similar, but that's indoors. I wonder how the pack mic would handle wind?

  • Wtf where's Adam. Who the hell is this clown

  • Great video! I love these deep dives by the more rarely seen Tested crew.

  • Slow down dude

  • Please make more VR content

  • What kind of wireless is it? What's the range? Do the transmitters buffer/record when they're not connected (out of range or receiver off)?

  • "This is it!" said the audio magician. I didn't know this could potentially be real and used. Thanks for the detailed insights

  • Can we please! get Tested Vr on other platforms then seriously my Index craves Tested

  • Very neat!

  • 3D print a snap fit mount for the two units

  • I couldn't help chuckling that this video about audio is altered to play back slightly faster than the rate at which it was recorded. Don't believe me? Slow to 0.75 and listen. The audio rate for speech may sound a bit slurred because of the slowing, but notice that it matches Joey's (and most people's) thinking rate a lot better.

    • @Cabby Cabby Yes, many NOlongrs speed up their videos on purpose to make the total watch time a little bit shorter without sacrificing the ability to convey information, mostly because it means more viewers stick until the end and I think it may also affect NOlong's algorithm for recommending videos to viewers. It's not a "sin" -- I just found it funny that it was done on a video that talks about audio, but the audio itself gives away that the video was accelerated. I'm odd.

    • Of course slightly slower speech is easier to understand. But you're saying they sped it up on purpose? Why?

  • Joey, thanks for sharing. Great dive into this subject. Keep up the GREAT work.

  • The last half was the most awesome part

  • It's witchcraft I tell you!

  • lay off the cocaine pal.

  • Of course the details in Stanley Kubrik's "The Moon Landing" are so accurate. He was such a perfectionist that they insisted they shoot on location

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  • Wow! very cool!

  • now the secret is out 😱

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