How Holographic Doom Works on a Lightfield Display!

Publisert 10. juni. 2021
We test out creating holograms from our phone portrait photos and playing holographic Doom in the Looking Glass Portrait lightfield display! Now that this display is shipping to crowdfunding backers, we get our hands on one to test out the software for importing photos, OBJ models, and even unity games. Here's why this device finally feels like the kind of tabletop hologram we've seen in movies and science fiction.

Learn more about the Looking Glass Portrait at

Shot and edited by Norman Chan

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  • Sorry? Jiffy?

  • I previewed an early concept of one of these back around 1995 when working at an optical device company. The developers had the concept down and used a CGA resolution display to show a 3D molecule model. It was pretty cool and I wondered why it never really took hold since way back then. I wonder if its some of the same folks.

  • Can't wait to play original Prince of Persia (1989) in 3D....

  • Pretty impressive, can’t wait to see later iterations

  • “the futurists” ugh

  • So... How does it work?

  • In case you’re here only to see Doom itself running: 15:00

  • Back when Doom first came out... players, including myself, would find themselves looking around the side of their monitors during gameplay! I always felt silly when I realized I just did it. 😁

  • If my wife wasn’t buying me a new camera today I’d be all over this. Definitely will later. Seeing. All my dogs like that. I’ll be sure to take more portrait photos to get that depth map thing to get ready.

  • Glasses-free 3D has been around for at least eleven years. Nintendo did it with the 3DS. It would be great to see the idea pick up steam again!

  • What would be a cool idea, would be to take standard "3D" images - images taken at 2 separate viewpoints like how 3D cameras take their pictures/videos - and use AI to interpolate the rest of the frames needed to display this with all 48 pictures. There's new AI being showcased now that can make even a SINGLE 2d image 3D in a way(2 minute papers has some recentish videos about a couple of them!). There's a LOT of potential here if the average joe can put their pictures on here and have them turn 3D

  • Why title your video something when it's almost 1/18th of the content? Also, y-axis mouselook in Doom? For what purpose? That's scrub level, right there. (Before anyone says 'to aim higher', height is irrelevant in Doom. You could be looking at your feet and hit someone higher than you, as long as it's lined up on the x-axis)

    • comfort. After playing modern games, a locked viewheight is painful.

  • Nintendo 3DS?

  • so its not quite ready yet for facetime/zoom

  • Is there a 3DS emulator for it?

  • This makes me wish games gave support to export your player or game models, with animations and stuff. Because imagine exporting your Destiny character in their outfit, with gun twirlling and shooting animations against some backdrop (or any RPG or MMO with player fashion/customization). Then rendering it on your lenticular frame as like a movie slideshow. So as you walk by your little character is dancin or shooting on your shelf or desk. I feel like having just one of these with customised animated content playing on it would be super super cool, alonside say figures on a shelf, or even as desk dressing like I mentioned.

  • Dug around on their site for a bit, looking for an answer. I'm on a PC, running linux. They mention many open source software programs but never clarify if their holosuite software is windows only. I suspect so, but I'd like to hope they support the open source community they draw upon.

  • Nintendo 3Ds

  • 2D-to-3D Conversion: 100 Credits +$20.00 2D-to-3D Conversion: 1000 Credits +$150.00 These order add-ons are a huge red flag to me... what is it a pay to use product where you need to purchase credits to convert your photos? No thanks.

  • Is your watch display upside down?

  • I’d buy it for DooM alone but I’m still paying for physio on my thumbs since smashing it on the snes in ‘96.

  • the new 3DS looks good then.

  • Can't wait to get mine. They just delayed the second batch again due to the chip shortage. 🙁 My understanding is you can develop Unity/Unreal apps to run on it from a connected PC... (oh, Norm covers that later in the video.) _That gives me so many ideas._ ...besides just using it alongside Blender.

  • I thought I was going to see something new. This technology has been about for decades. Also, NOT a hologram.

  • Porn is gonna be great.

  • I ordered two of them, they were suppose to ship two months ago... I hope they show up.

  • Side scroll games would be so cool on this display.

  • Oh god, it has the same name as the holographic display things from Prey 2017

  • I wonder if we can display 3D photos taken on the 3DS here.

  • what kind of a setup would you need for volumetric video calling? coz i cant imagine an iphone being suited for it? and do did you or will you try it with android phones? to my knowledge this kind of sophistication is unique to the fruity gang?

  • Very neat device. I love og Doom. I have PC version and on Switch.

  • Very nice!

  • Really neat but it feels like he said the ssame 5min of info 10x for 20min

    • at least that means he managed to fit in 2.5x more information per minute...

  • Looks great for music visualization.

  • It’s no more a “lightfield volumetric display” than a lenticular photo or display. That is quite literally how it operates. It does not reproduce a true, complete lightfield capture nor can it. Cut down on the marketing fluff, Tested.


    • I'm sure there's some that will work

  • $250 US for a 3d lenticular animated display is not too bad. The hardest part will be getting your own images onto it and making it actually look good. Its rough at the moment, so unless you take light field photos or work in 3d cgi it just wont look quite right.

  • It is incredible how well the effect can be demonstrated on camera. Love your face. Best of luck!

  • Play at x1.25 👌😎

  • Just looks like a large 3DS screen.

    • Kinda what I was thinking.

  • This will be amazing with a properly rendered real time AI face or body to interact with them closer in the future. How to sell the idea? Your own holographic Cortana. You're welcome Microsoft.

  • Regretting not backing... it was out of my price range. As a passive device it was too expensive. If I worked in 3d rendering, or engineering, it is an absolute no brainer.

  • Its kinda a shame the light field camera stuff wasn’t happening at the same time this was readily available. Having a camera that could capture it better and a display to view it on instead of just a refocusing gimmick would have been a good pair.

    • I asked them about using my Father-in-Law's old Lyto Light Field, they say they're looking at the file interface. So hopefully will be able to dig that out of his office.

  • nice galaxy class keycaps 😉

  • Thought this was going to be vapourware so I didn't back it. Now I'm annoyed I didn't. :(

  • what you came here to see starts around 15:00

  • "jiffy" is peanut butter

    • no, it's actually jif.

  • It's not that this isn't cool. The question has always been what this really adds above 2-D, outside of coolness factor.

  • Star Trek view screens are here.

  • I don't get how most of the examples rotate around 20 degrees left to right, yet the head shot of the female in white and red makeup rotated almost 360 degrees. 😕

    • @Michael Zaite Makes sense now! Thanks man.

    • It's a video of the spinning Ghost In the Shell Gesha. So it's spinning and you can look around it while it spins.

  • Gosh this guy is soooo boring. How can you make a video about the first holographic screen/portrait feel like such a drag...

  • I looked at the pre-order page and there is an add on for credits. Is there a charge for converting pics to hologram?

    • So apparently there's a charge for converting old 2d photos to 3d but portrait mode pictures don't have a charge

  • It took fifteen minutes for you to get to DOOM! ...But it was pretty cool. Thumbs up

  • Anyone know what keyboard he is using?

  • „not as crisp and sharp as a retina display“…why use an Apple marketing term for a high resolution display? Kinda embarrassing on a tech channel.

  • Great video Norm but re holographic gameplay, Dejarik level holo-tech, is the holy grail of Holographic gameplay :)

  • Something to mention if individuals want to play with lenticular displays, go grab a used Red Hydrogen One. While the Hydrogen Network is gone and the LeiaLoft software is severely limited, it is able to take 3D video and photos. I use mine as a 3D picture frame. Not bad for a $150 phone refurb'd. ;) I have a theory that Red had wanted to use these as a 3D viewfinder for a line of Red 3D cameras but 3D died in popularity and the phone was way delayed so they gave up.

  • I love it but I don't think I would be ready to buy one until it was the size of a bathroom mirror and I could have a 2 way holographic call with someone.

    • @Aaron Stone Yea it's basically an interferometer to make a virtual aperture. Honestly no idea why it isn't already a thing being done since you can get away with it with even just two cameras.

    • @Michael Zaite Sounds like an engineering problem. I'm sure they will be able to find a solution. They already have eye tracking starting up in VR. I'd bet they will find a way to solve this for the display as well.

    • Big trick there is going to be using the Plenoptic Camera array to make a virtual camera where the other persons eyes are so you can actually look at each other.

  • $250 bucks after coming down from $350 for this and addons as high as $400........

  • If you made the background black and turned off the lights bet it would looked super cool. Would make for a nightlight display.

  • These would be really cool in a gallery for 3D artists to display their work.

  • You seem to have images like the one you see if you are able to make Magic Eye images work.

  • Okay, cool. But where can I buy one? How much are they? Who even makes them? Is light field the name of the company or the product? So many questions. Not enough answers.

  • This display technology will be used in upcoming smartphones and other devices most definitely. Very impressive.

    • doubt that…LG already experimented with this technology…not viable for the masses and everyday use. It’s a gimmick.

  • I’m still waiting for mine to ship, I can’t wait to mess around with it

    • Same, I get why it got delayed, but I wanna play with it!!!

  • Can't wait for all the competing holographic formats! No it'll never be popular enough for that.

  • is the array of images it presents horizontal only? or is there a vertical component (can you move your head up and down as well as side to side)

    • @Adam Savage’s Tested

    • @Adam Savage’s Tested interesting, do you know if that is any different for the 8k model they've shown? a few years back there was a lightfield vr goggles demo that was given at siggraph that used a very similar rendering method

    • Unfortunately only horizontal!

  • I was thinking, "that's a nice price!" at around 250. And I like the idea as well, but when I looked at the extra options I noticed I could add credits... ? Then I figured, it actually is costing credits (money) to convert a 2D picture to 3D. So... in fact I'm buying a product with an added subscription. That's a no-go in this case, it's not THAT useful to me. I would've bought it for 500 bucks without that. And again... this cost is not mentioned by Tested. Just like the Star Trek built, not a good move (unless I'm missing something completely).

    • @Adam Savage’s Tested Ah ok so I missed that, wasn’t very clear to me on their product page. But thanks for that info, I’ll be standing in the corner now. :)

    • Yeah, the credits aren't necessary for providing your own 3D content or 2D content you convert with your own tools. Only for having them convert images for you. And I'm pretty sure anybody willing to grab one of these at this early stage is savvy enough to do it themselves.

    • @Adam Savage’s Tested Ohhhh okay. That's cool Norm. That makes sense!

    • (Norm here) 2D to 3D conversion is not necessary for portrait mode photos. It’s an extra service to add depth to older photos and not something I tested or plan on using, because of cost

  • i see that keyboard in the thumbnail

  • Looks cool I bet this costs an arm and a leg

  • The looking glass is a _lenticular display_ (horizontal parallax only), not a light field display (full parallax / 6dof). It doesn't even produce consistent shapes like a volumetric display. (with lenticular displays things morph / flatten as you move around) Don't get me wrong, it's really interesting in its own right, but I'm pretty tired of inferior technologies being upsold as something they're not. (it's not a light field, it's not volumetric, and it's not holographic) To elaborate a bit: Different "3D" displays have different _dimensionality_ in terms of positions and angles. A volumetric display is 3D. (3D position + 0D angles) It can accurately replicate shapes, but no view-dependent effects. A lenticular display is also 3D, but a different kind. (2+1) This adds _some_ view-dependent effects / parallax in one direction, but sacrifices accurate shape outside of a sweet spot. Then you have light fields, which are 4D. (2+2) Through the magic of optics, this actually gives you 3 directions of parallax (not 2 like you'd expect) with both view-dependent effects _and_ accurate shape.

  • Make it a touch screen with haptic feedback and you've got the next gen of smartphones. Imagine pushing a button on screen, feeling it click, and seeing it retract. Popup messages would actually "pop", etc.

  • As soon as there's porn for it, this thing will take off.

  • So it's technically a 3DS with software for other media than games.

    • @Nate thanks for the clarification

    • Not really, the 3DS is just stereo 3D so only one viewpoint in 3D ("New" 3DS can move that viewpoint based on tracking cameras but still just the one), this is holographic 3D so 45-100 viewpoints. Think of it like a 3D movie in a theater where with standard 3D, every single person sees the same image but if it was holographic 3D everyone would have a slightly different view of the movie depending on where they were sitting.

  • cool stuff I don't see to many casual consumers buying this. Maybe I could see this tech being used in Theme parks like Disneyland or Universal on attractions.

  • So like, a bigger 3ds top screen? Neat

  • hi everybody, hi Adam what is Adams friend forgot either way very cool stuff

  • "2D-to-3D Conversion: 100 Credits" $20. Bahahaha they charge you $20 each time you want to create your own 3D image ( ఠ ͟ʖ ఠ)

  • It's just like the future version of a plasma ball. "Very cool uncle... what else does it do?". I want 2.

  • I like how they can make a 3-D a doll out of you or even do a portrait of your family. It would be very expensive but it would be worth it to keep passing on to generation to generation family of 10 brothers and sisters plus my mother. If they had it when my father was alive would be even better. They might will make a hologram of someone that past away and make them look like they are alive moving around.

    • There is an AI software/algorithm that can convert a portrait into moving picture.

  • Now I want a no-glasses 3D display for my PC.

  • I can't seem to find this "viral" video of Doom playing on it.

  • 4:22 I'm pretty sure they didn't use DSLR's in the matrix.. more like analog SLR's lol

  • Looks like the 3ds screen

  • So. A 3ds screen?

  • 15:00 for Doom

  • Doesn't worth the money becase it's not 360 degrees

  • I'm not too tech savvy but still this is pretty cool 🤗

  • Two questions: can it display cad models and can it display a website? I can see this for viewing engineering models being a game changer and if it can display chrome you can play stadia on it 😁

    • I know you can export as a .obj and view it as Norm showed. I think there was talk of it having a direct Fusion 360 connection as well, but not sure still waiting to get mine.

  • maybe do a comparison with Lume Pad by Leia. (a continuation of Red's Hydrogen One display but in tablet form)

  • It reminds me of looking glass in the newer Prey game. I'm sure this tech inspired the developers in the first place but most players probably never heard of it until they played the game.

  • Cool!

  • Finally the future is near where we won’t look dumb trying to look around corners in shooter games.

    • _'We'_ Got a mouse in your pocket or something?

    • @Burten Plays Good advice but don't forget to shout "hi-ya" if you really want to juice those punches.

    • I can still put the extra oomph in my punches or just make that jump if I just mash them buttons harder.

  • this would be good for a 3d model viewer on a desk owo

  • Looks like a trading card from the Harry Potter games.

  • Wasn't there a handheld game system some years back with a holographic display? It was past my time. I saw it once at Target and walked away.

  • Old school game like galaga? Nah I don't that would look interesting at all. But something like zaxxon, q-bert or tempest might look cool.

  • ONLY One thing comes to my mind... DBZ fight ir characters

  • Still looks very 2D... this is not true holography. The only way I've seen that can make a true holographic effect is a glass pyramid on top of a 2D screen

  • Thanks for letting Norm get his hands on your unit, Jeremy. It was fun to watch what he did with it.